The Vow of God the Most Sacred and Most Sacrosanct
Related to Eden’s Miracle that Has been Revealed

And I take a vow that I have revealed Eden’s Miracle completely. And completely for all the things that needed by Eden at this time, of which is Eden’s deliverance from heresy accusation and I make Eden as the center of spirituality and salvation for the world and for all adherents of any religion. For that reason, I present all the angels circling around the Throne of Eden in Jakarta. Therefore, Eden’s Palace itself has become a vortex coordinates of all angels in this world. Thus is the essence of truthfulness of Eden the Heaven

And I take a vow to declare that Eden is My Heaven in this world, therefore I will prove its most sacrosanctity and most sacredness as well as its miracle. And I shall render the incidents of painful defamation experienced by Eden as an explanation related to the most sacrosanctity and most sacredness of Eden. That by the revealment of Eden’s Miracle into the world, it is the time to open the most sacrosanctity and most sacredness of Eden to be worldwide. Therefore, defamation and calumny upon Eden will have bad impact for anyone who did it.

Furthermore, I am God the Only One and the Almighty, is the only true authority that could recover any condition unless if I am not willing to recover it.  And My Heaven is My Salvation and My Purification, thus appropriately all adherents should amend their demeanor upon Eden. For in order to prove the authenticity of My Revelations received by Eden, I need to emphasize once more My Fatawa regarding the abrogation of all religions and the unification of all religions. Therefore, I will not  recover the bad condition caused by religious conflicts. And I let all parties realize that the best thing is  unification of all religions and purify oneself to My Heaven. 

Therefore, We provide Confession Room for all religious adherents of all existing religions in the world. We prioritize not any religion except those who seriously will to sanctify so I could save them to Heaven. For that reason, I prove that the only way to Heaven is to purify in accordance with My Stipulation in Eden. And to prove that I am focusing all adherents to purify themselves in Eden is by proving that the most granted prayer is when one is purified in Eden. Indeed, there is no best place to pray except the Praying Room that I have stipulated in Eden Website.

Today, October 8 2015, I add the Praying Room specifically for those who have conducted confession honestly and have fully committed in sincerity to live a holy life.  Thus, the Praying Room for all people who have committed bravely to live a holy life is the Praying Room that is very fulfilling to them. Thus, plea your prayer in that room, and I shall prove the fulfillment.

By showing the fulfillment of prayer in Eden, thus the Praying Room in Eden’s Website We make as an intermediary to prove the most sacrosanctity and most sacredness of Eden and Eden’s Miracle. And do make the Praying Room in Eden’s Website as a Heaven’s path to spread My Blessing.

On the contrary, whoever makes Eden as a butt of defamation and venting out calumnies unto Eden, I bring My Court of Justice unto them, as the public should know that I am holding My Court of Justice. And Lia Eden who bears the writing of My Adjudication’s tidings and who takes responsibility upon her entire writings, I have bestowed her the capability to face all dangers.

And I will not ever again let her touched by any persecution and oppression, since I have bestowed her a strong protection, for now I have given her a mandate to represent Archangel Jibril to present My Adjudication in human world. And for the spirit of Archangel Jibril, his spirit has fully united within herself, thus she is protected from any mistake and injustice and from the fear of facing all threats.

Verily, the protection upon herself is unseen, but all angels in this world stand guard to protect her and ready to fulfill the stipulation of My Court of Justice and the stipulation of My Blessing. Thus she is guarded under the security of all angels in this world. And her prayer is the most fulfilled amongst all human beings in this world. Therefore I say unto her that it is enough for her to overcome all matters just by her prayer, considering that serious dangers often threaten her and those could come from anywhere in this world.

And she will be busy with plenty of problems from the closest one up to the farthest, whereas her role later will be very much needed by all people in this world. Therefore, I isolate her in Eden’s Palace and I do not allow her to socialize because she has to focus on taking care of My Revelations which descend down torrentially. Whilst, it is only unto her I inform all that I wish to reveal to human world.

Such is the anticipation to resolve the abundant errands that she should take care.  Therefore by My Side, I provide her the Praying Room to accommodate her prayers that soon will be processed to be granted and I also provide a room to accommodate her prayers that could be granted immediately. And it is to prove that she is the only true My Messenger and Eden is My Heaven  that I function as mankind purification and salvation.

As for the salvation that I wish to make soon, it is through the existence of Praying Room for those who defamed, oppressed and tyrannized. The next is  the Praying Room   for those who have confessed their sins honestly and they will to make a commitment to live a holy life. This room I establish in one of Eden’s website Column.

We will develop the qualification of the Praying Room in accordance with the stipulation that I made for that matter.

The reason that underlies the establishment of the Praying Room for the people who are defamed, oppressed and tyrannized is because Eden has long been experiencing those problems. And at the same time I intent to release Eden from such oppression, and I enclose My Blessing unto the people who are experiencing the same fate as Eden. Thus, that room is especially designed only for people who are defamed, oppressed and tyrannized. And We will prove the blessing of My Heaven through the people who experienced such misery, through the people who are defamed, oppressed and tyrannized, who do not know the way out from the hardship.

Whereas the functionality of the Praying Room for the people who are aware of the importance of being purified so then willing to undergo purification by means of Eden, thus I heed to establish the Praying Room for them. Indeed, that is the way to My Heaven.

As for the development of the Praying Room specialized for other need, it could be made according to My Stipulation upon the need of its benefit unto the people who are oppressed and who are striving for the truth and the unification of all religions.

And We need to remind you that We are very observant to watch over humans’ character and their sins as well as their merit of virtuousness. And We grant prayer merely based on someone’s holiness and his virtuousness merit. And We could impossibly be deceived upon that matter.

 Therefore, At this time We are about to free Eden from defamation, oppression and tyranny. And We gather them into one by including the same unfortunate people with Eden to be released from their adversity. Make the Praying Room also for purifying oneself, hey people who are tyrannized, defamed and oppressed.

Even if at this time We still limit the kind of prayer that is granted, it is because most people who are suffered due to calumniation, oppression and tyranny are difficult to free themselves from such hardship and know not what to do, if they will not to compensate with the same way. Calumny is difficult to be cleansed before there is the truth that reveals it. But in Eden’s Praying Room, prayer is granted by means of angel’s work in overcoming calumny and oppression.

Furthermore, We also prioritize people who are willing to purify through the confession procession in Eden’s Website and make a commitment willing to live in holiness. Thus, We also establish the Praying Room for them.

Truly, Lia Eden’s fulfillment of prayer will make her busy to serve people who want their prayer to be granted. But I do not want her to be idolized, therefore, We are the one who establish the Praying Room which is the most granted in Eden’s Website. As for that room, it is directly under Our Watch completely. And I the Most Just and Most Knowing upon all incidents and all pure determination.

The fulfillment of prayer, whenever it is pleaded through Eden’s Website, supposedly it could not be equalized with the prayer fulfillment in worshiping centers such as in Jerusalem and Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Thus, the true Heaven, which is the most holy, will guarantee how close I am with My Heaven.

Therefore, We will prove the prayer fulfillment through the way that we have just explained. Truly, the most sacrosanctity and most sacredness and Eden’s Miracle that have already been revealed enable Eden to become the Kingdom of Heaven that is treated as the most sacred.

And I take a Vow to bring back the tawheed of all religion’s teaching and unify all religions to become Absolute Monotheism through Eden’s Miracle that is already revealed. And the miracle that is already revealed is the miracle of the fulfillment of prayer, which is the most granted in the world. Thereof, I would prove the fulfillment of prayer in Eden, thus We open Praying Room that is especially designed for the people who are defamed, oppressed and tyrannized and a Praying Room for the people who are willing to make a commitment to live holy. And that is the first and the second Praying Room, which initiated the subsequent Praying Rooms that will be opened in accordance with My Stipulation.

By filling the Praying Room column in Eden’s Website, it is already meant that I will grant their prayer. Do not ignore this My Stipulation, for We should prove Eden the Heaven is My Heaven in the world.

As for the Queen of Heaven Lia Eden, she is not obligated to pray for the people who fill the column in the Praying Room in Eden’s Website, because I have created that room as a place of a fulfillment of prayer directly from Me. The duty of the Queen of Heaven is only to take care of My Revelations and waiting for My Stipulation that she should convey.

Thus she needs not to work hard to take care of anything. She just has to pray unto Me and asks Me what she should convey, and I answer it and give her guidance and then she delivers it unto anyone whom We will to give Our Guidance. And that guidance will solve easily the existing obstacles. Thus, My Blessing flows through My Direction stated by her. Thereby, this is one of the miracles that has already been revealed for her.

Supposedly there is a problem that is hard to be resolved and the condition needs to be changed, which is difficult to be made, then it is enough for her to just plead unto Me whilst I inform her how to change that condition. And every My Stipulation that I state unto her, it served to change the condition to become an improvement. Thus, it is enough for her just to plead unto Me, and it is the angels who will change the condition.

On the contrary, whenever there is a threat of danger no matter how serious it is, surely she would overcome it just by praying unto Me. And the danger will turn back to the party who threatens the danger unto her. Thus, the best miracle of her is the fulfillment of prayer, which is the strongest and the most guaranteed to be fulfilled.

And We will prove Our Protection unto her, so the world public know that no matter how modest the Eden’s Palace is, which has no protection of security forces, but the security of the angels unto the Queen of Heaven and Eden’s Palace can’t be trespassed. Thus, the modesty of My Heaven in this world is steady as the coordinates of My Salvation for the entire human beings, thus by the modesty possessed by Eden, it is still the strongest power in this world.

Hereby, I have declared the revealment of Eden’s Miracle. And this is one of My Salvation typologies through Eden.