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Paduka Bunda Lia Eden menyampaikan Wahyu Tuhan dan Sabda Paduka Maharaja Ruhul Kudus

Her Excellency Mother Lia Eden conveys God’s Revelation and His Excellency the Great King Holy Spirit’s Words

The condition of Eden now is vulnerable to intense defamations and calumnies from two parties of which both are equally difficult to be denied, because they had ever been involved in Eden Community. Their role is like a thorn inside the flesh. Indeed, sadness and wound in one’s heart are difficult to be covered by anything, for defamation and calumnies are scattered erratically. Eden could only covers the heart’s wound by fortitude, for it is impossible for us to revenge those defamations, other than waiting for God’s Answer.

And it turns out that the answer from God is the revealment of Eden’s Miracle, after going through three times undeniable defamations. The first was the cancelation of Eden’s elevation at Monas. Covenant with God was unfulfilled, and it means that we were not able to fulfill our covenant unto God to equalize our sanctity. Whilst for God, the Monas’ incident was His Way to test our devotion unto God, after being humiliated before the public.

And secondly, the defamations and calumnies from Marzani Anwar and his family, not including Elfa Diasmara. They are aggressively and responsively attacking Eden with their calumnies while threatening to destroy Eden down to the roots.

And the third one is the defamation from Aminuddin Day, Lia Eden’s ex-husband. In his divorce’s petition unto Lia Eden, he mentioned the reason, which really demeaning Lia Eden.

Thus, those three defamations are impossible to be denied, because firstly,n Eden was even humiliated by God Himself. What could be done, if it was God Himself who intentionally humiliated Eden? We could only wonder in our heart, why do we have to go through such thing? Certainly there is God’s Answer upon our question. Thus, we try to endure waiting for the answer from God.

And the second one comes from Marzani Anwar, who is a professor doctor and main researcher in R&D division of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, who once had participated in Eden’s spiritual study led by Archangel Jibril, thus his evil testimony upon Eden surely cannot be denied because of his position, and also because he ever involved in Eden Community.

The third one is defamation from Lia Eden’s exhusband who also couldn’t possibly be denied for he is a former husband, thus his utterance could be considered as true.

However in fact, from our way of responding to those three most disgraceful  and humiliating problems, we succeed not to respond to anything because we succeed to subjugate ourselves, immerse ourselves into the most uncomfortable situation and into an open heart-wounds, but it then turns to be the key to unlock the Eden’s Miracle.

As for Eden’s Miracle, it is difficult to be stated before it becomes real and utilized for something that is very important. But God’s Covenant unto Eden has been stated by His Vow. It’s just that we have become reassured being protected in all circumstances, for He always answer the problems that we face. And He also gives us a way to prove that Eden is not perverted.

And here we are, in a vulnerable condition due to calumnies and intimidations. As we should always go through all situations by sunatullah (the course of God), thus we accept all God’s provisions unto us. And as we feel joyful upon Eden’s Miracle revealment, thus it is impossible for us to suspect that the possibility of calumnies unto us could incite the third party or fourth party or any condition that could be raised. And what can we do about it, we don’t have any weapon except striving for the truth through God’s Revelations that come unto us.

Thus, on Sunday, October 4, 2015, we held a ceremony to show our gratitude unto God upon the revealment of Eden’s Miracle. We celebrated it in a simple way, just by inviting former Eden Community members who were willing to come to our invitation.

Indeed there is no miracle without a struggle for holiness. It is only holiness that could be sustained under any circumstances, actually that is what becomes the key to unlock the Eden’s Miracle. O God, thank you for Your Grace. We hope that you are willing to bring Eden’s Miracle to be beneficial worldwide.  Amen

Terharu, Marike mengakui dosa

Very touchy, Marike is confessing her sins

Pak Umar dan Mbak Ipuk yang kami cintai juga hadir di acara syukuran

Our beloved Mr and Mrs Umar also attend Eden’s ceremony


Paduka Bunda Lia Eden menyampaikan kata sambutan kepada para undangan.Her Excellency Mother Lia Eden is giving a welcoming speech for the guests

Berempat menyanyikan kidung Surga Eden; YM Yusuf Amin, Iqbal, Venus, YM Dunuk.

The four members of Eden Community are singing the songs of Eden the Heaven: YM Yusuf Amin, Iqbal, Venus and YM Dunuk

Para tamu undangan yang berkenan datang.

The guests who are willing to come to our invitation

Bersantap malam bersama setelah acara.Having dinner together after the ceremony