Ruang Berdoa suci Eng

The prayer of Eden Community unto God,
The Most Holy and The Most Compassionate

In the Name of You, God the Only One, and in the name of Your Kingdom and Heaven that is the most holy, we pray. O God, please let us be Your Servants who could keep our holiness forever. And please don’t let us be the people who are ungrateful unto Your Bounty, for we carry Your Revelations and Heaven and Your Kingdom.

God, please render us as the people who could withstand our holy faith, and render us to be Your Servants who focus only on our devotion unto you.

Dear God, please take care of our health. Heal amongst us who are ill, especially Her Excellency Mother Lia Eden, YM Dunuk, YM Agus Susilo, YM Tri Sudiati, YM Lilik Haryani, and Venus, YM Arifin, YM Alfita, YM Rachman and Hafiz.

Dear God, please grant our prayer. Amen.