Prossesion of confession in Eden, lead by Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit and it is stated that the confession watched directly by God. Confession should be stated honestly so one would not be reprimanded by Him.

Procession of confession in Eden is documented as the beginning of purification in Eden, Heaven that is descended down by God in this world. Thus, actually the procession of confession in Eden is held under God’s Watching directly. Such is purification upon Eden involves cross-nature communication. That is communication amongst God, Jibril and human beings.

 Without honesty during the procession of confession, then the sins won’t be completely cleansed. Dishonesty will become an obstacle in purification, and will continue to become a failure to be purified. Thus, don’t ever be dishonest before God for that will become your failure to be in Heaven. Indeed, many sins are started by dishonesty. And the sin from lying certainly will be punished with a lie. According to God’s Judgement, sin of deception is not equal if it isn’t compensated with other way, thus certainly it will be punished with deception that causes failure or harm or brings shame.

One day, when we are introducing our purification approach upon Eden, then we create an important program for Eden and they are obligated to focus on that program. When we should take them to be able to open Eden Miracle, thus we should put them all into the most unwanted ordeal and the most humiliating.

Thus, we state a course of Heaven annulment, for Heaven in Indonesia is unheeded. And it succeeds to gather definitive cooperation. They focused on taking care of the annulment of Heaven in Indonesia, whereas, the stipulation that we state is within the perspective that is still far away. We don’t make abstruse trial if it isn’t for presenting a great blessing. And we can’t violate the stipulation by turning the establishment that has been dicided by God, thus we should make an abstruse reason related to God’s Stipulation, whereas we know that it isn’t the time yet to happen. However, it is upon God’s Permission that we couldn’t frankly say just of the real time. Thus, Eden purification could be held under the certainty of being able to raise the quality of their holiness.

Heaven of Eden will be elevated by God one day, actually we just bring forth something that doesn’t happen yet, but it surely will. However, it is just the exact time that what we don’t state. Thus, we made them went through a huge disappointment and embarassement before the public. Actually God’s Stipulation, which is precise, that we lifted up to be a trial. Therefrom we develop the strategy of our purification upon Eden Community.

The incident of elevation is absolute and it should fulfill a requirement, that is the Messengers of Eden should possess equal holiness in terms of quality and equivalent. However, we mentioned not that the requirement of equal holiness has not been fulfilled by Eden Community. When we involved them the abstruse purification, the public mocks them as perverted community who were waiting for UFO at Monas, and in fact it did not happen.

And we refuse to be stated that we deceived them, and we prove their holiness is not yet equal. But actually amongst our reasons, there is intentional factor to judge lies that still exist among them by not fulfilling what we have promised. For it is legal for us to judge their falsity by postponing the truth. Even though it is the kind of deception, but it is legal as a purification strategy. The goal of purification, that is to get the Messengers’ holiness we value as important and we cannot hesitate to create it for them. For the certainty of improving their quality of holiness we should surely respond with that way.

Thus, they inevitably have to go through a very humiliating ordeal. However, after that their devotion and steadfastness are proven. And it what opens Eden’s Miracle. Thus, verily within His Purification upon Eden, God cares not how He has humiliated the Messengers of Eden for He knows that after that moment Eden will be felicitated by the opening of every level of Eden’s Miracle. Truly, Eden’ Miracle consists of layers, and it will open if Eden Community succeeds to win the trial.

Eden purification is moving toward the purification to reach absolute holiness, which we could only make through the covenant to open Eden’s Miracle that consists of layers. First layer is the blessing of Eden’s most sacredness and sacrosanctity. Within it there is an embracement of the highest fulfillment of prayer and harsh harm upon Eden blasphemer. And unto Lia Eden, she is blessed with an embedment of Jibril’s Spirit into her bossom, so it could reveal the miracle of Jibril’s appearance as human being identical to Lia Eden before the public whom he meets. That is the miracle of Eden that has already revealed.

As for God’s Testament that we have disseminated, it contains annulment of Heaven in Indonesia. That is actually God’s threat upon Indonesian people who have rejected His Heaven. For in every certainty, it could only be carried out when there is a strong reason and has essential nature. Thus, God’s threat upon Indonesian people could be assured that God will realize it, if there is no possibility that Indonesian people’s rejection upon Eden could be changed.

Thus, God waits for the indication of Indonesian people’s rejection to become complete when it will come to total rejection. Such is God’s threat has been stated in His Testament. However, it becomes the way to purify Eden Community for the sake of putting forward His purification to open Eden’s Miracle. For God considers Eden Miracle’s has already been needed by Eden, related to the rejection upon Eden has been long enough and the time has come to show Eden’s truth.

Thus, verily cancelation of Heaven in the world can’t be categorized still in perspective, but rather it has become part of God’s Stipulation. It is only the exact time that is still kept as a secret, thus what was seen became an ordeal upon Eden Community.

Logically, Heaven certainly will be elevated back by God. Heaven will not be let to occupy this earth forever, for there has not been any succession of throne upon Queen of Eden, when Queen Lia Eden passess away. And the true Heaven won’t be descended down before the end times, when it is the time God conducts His Court of Justice in human world.

Thus, the temporary state of Heaven in the world is God’s Stipulation, which its validity is absolute. If Eden has ever written God’s Testament that state God would elevate the Messengers of Eden to the second Heaven in heavens, that was a heavy ordeal for God’s Messengers, for it humiliated them all. However, to open Eden’s Miracle, certainly there is an abstruse purification should be endured by the Messengers of Eden. Thus, it is our further explanation regarding Eden’s failure awaited the elevation at Monas, May 31, 2015.

However, annulment of Heaven in this world truly needs to be interpreted as God’s threat upon Indonesian people’s mistake, who do not care Heaven exists in their country. And Indonesian Muslims have even totally rejected God’s Revelation and Heaven as well as God’s Kingdom, for in their opinion they do not need to convince whatever conveyed by Eden.

Eden purification focuses more on self subjugation and awareness of devil’s allure to intervere their mind. The indication of battle between angels and devils has no color nor smelled nor seen, and does not use any sign to make their traps proper.

The devil’s temptation is always ripe, like sparking the pleasure of sin in human’s mind. Thus, he doesn’t need to show himself when he ripens human’s thought upon sin. Whilst, the angels always in the path of the absoluteness of God’s Law. The different category makes Heaven until now has so few dwellers, whilst Hell is crowded, the dwellers are congested and teeming.

As the devils never ask permission before they set their traps. And thus conversely, Jibril must actively sanctify through any way, but still in a holy way. There is no sound of gong to state, “this is your ordeal”.

Caution upon ordeal disadvantages angels. But caution upon the devil’s trap is beneficial to angels.

Sabotage upon the smoothness of the Revelation unto Lia Eden has been done by dajjal (devils) who don’t want Lia to succeed in establishing Heaven on Earth. Therefore, he uses people who is hostile to Eden.

Properly, for the sake of strengthening the sensitivity upon magical power that embraces her, thus she must be cautious upon any magical attack from her opponent who is always eyeing her wishing to fail the declaration of Heaven that she bears. Therefore, she is always alert in watching the indication of mistake amongst the Messengers of Eden in her surrounding and she is also precautious upon the depth of herself and cautious upon daily activities that create flinch such as a breaking, falling object or someone who gets hurt. Sudden loud sounds for them are bad signs. So they are always careful and neat to eliminate every possibility of any object to break or cause loud sound. Such it is our communication to remind alertness.

From her purification and her experience in communicating with God and the angels, then she gets self-confidence to fight and withstand from the real or hidden devil’s attack. She is able to hear directly the devil’s bable and threat, and even the devils’s singing that intentionally sounded unto her.

It is so real that even the devil’s snort could be felt by her. It is the sign that even the weakest vibration from the devil could be detected by her. And such training is just experienced when she is amidst the swarm of devils entrenched in the centers of sin, that is when she was in the prison.

Therein passed various vulgar sins and she watched them. Thus all signals of devils she learned while she was in there. Therefore, her destiny to be imprisoned has been written in her fate. It is intended to broaden her horizon upon the principles of law and moreover to know the tricks of law violation and to know further the ways the devil works.

Imprisonment for her was also meant to test her faith endurance and to sharpen her courage to carry out her heavy duty from God that endangers her life. And her sacrifice at that moment I count to be the provision for her success later.

Thus, the precaution upon the devil’s attack inevitably she should learn through her personal experience. The knowledge about the world of devil she learns through the training of her instinct and observation when she was imprisoned twice in the past. In the prison, the direct devil’s attack unto her became so real.

From the concreteness of the cause of the two lines on Lia Eden’s forehead, supposedly it could be interpreted as a transcendental occurrence. The bestowing of intelligence happened instantly, it is impossible to be obtained by anybody, except just through God’s Blessing. Actually, intelligence could be eliminated or improved by God, multiplied many times in line with the provision of God’s Blessing.

Someone in her elderly stage is impossibe to increase her intelligence permanently in normal condition. As an old person who is going through her remaining age, thus, Lia is protected from the opinion that she is hypnotized by jinn, for she succeeds in proving the knowledge that she writes down is totally a new breakthrough, without using scientific language and formulas. But from her inner self she could reveal a formula that when it is heeded by the scientiests, it could be predicted that it would come to the discovery of a Theory of Everything. That is the indication that she is with God.

As for the Archangel Jibril, he will come identical as Lia Eden including the mark on his forehead, so they cannot be differentiated, since they are one unity of My Messengers. Thus, the term “they” in that verse has been interpreted. As God has spoken again and has also made the Arks of New Covenant.

It is better for the researcher looking for evidence on the existence of God through whatever that we descend down in Eden, no need to waste any time to hunt for the ancient artifacts, to convince that God exists or not. Except if it is aimed to dig up the history that has not been revealed.

As for this statement, we underline it for all the evidences that God exists and Almighty are being displayed with abundant of evidences in Eden, and no need to bother searching for it because we have prepared them. Those evidences will be a testament from God for all people in this world, before I take the Messengers of Eden to move to the sky, to the main Heaven (Surga Eden Darussalam). As for that covenant, it will absolutely fulfilled by God.

And therefrom the prominence of proving the existence and the omnipotence of God  is being made by us, and we will prove God’s Greatness that is hi-tech, for the sake of conquering the imagination of human’s technology that is in the wrong direction or less beneficial or even dangerous.

Thus, the materialization of Proving God, we ascertain that there will be nobody who could harrash the Existence of God. When learning about the particle of sub-atomic, the physics experts use particle accelerator to search for God’s Particle, and the researcher built the largest laboratory in the world in Grenobel, France.

No matter how huge is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), it is assumed that it could yield in new findings and could do experiments that are able to find a new standard of theory that concludes the knowledge regarding the electromagnetism quantum mechanic and particle physics. Thus, the discovery could lead to the Theory of Everything that is able to explain the moment of creation.

Thus, God descends down the Archangel Jibril who will appear as a man, and bring modern miracle technological equipment from God. And the explanation of God’s Most Globality that is perpetually rotates and His Supreme Spirit supposedly could be stood to underlie the scientists to discover the Theory of Everything.

And the Archangel Jibril will appear amidst the human beings to accompany the scientists who are not atheist, to give the knowledge from God in order to make the scientists putting forward the science of designing and building an applied techonolgy by inventing new or renewal formulas and manifest the Theory of Everything. But this covenant could only be revealed if Eden’s Miracle has no obstacle any longer. And the main obstacle of Eden is the rejection of Indonesian people upon God’s Revelation. For how could Eden’s Miracle just be suddenly revealed before the public, whilst the public still refuses Eden?  That is why, the current God’s Discourse is very harsh and threatening a subjugation unto Indonesia.

Theory of Everything if it is desperately expected by the scientists, that matter could be adjusted through this explanation that we have revealed. However, the adjustment of the theory could only be success when the scientist who is interested in it takes a holy way of living. God’s blessing at this time certainly through holiness. For we could ascertain that by the knowledge of God’s Shaping which is Spherical, thus Theory of Everything could be attained.

Thus, later it could be expected that there will be many scientists who have faith and will to sanctify themselves, to facilitate the discovery of the Theory of Everything descended down by God, through that path human being could be brought to begin a holy civilization and build a higher advance technology that could be utilized to explore the universe looking for a new place to live in the new earth. Our explanation is intended for the world public who doubt the Existence of God. Properly, it is better that no more humankind who is atheist or agnostic or polytheist or paganist, for those all  are not in line with the law of nature.

Phylosophy of absolute naturalism theology underlies universal Absolute Monotheism that is absolutely believes in the Oneness of God. Do not ever again compare God’s Oneness with the love of the adherents unto their prophets, messengers or the figure that was sent to convey God’s Revelations, whoever he is and no matter how magnificent his miracle which is mentioned in the holy book, or has been validly written in the history of his life. It is because the miracle of the prophets and the wisdom of their utterance in conveying the religious teaching, all derive from God.

Thus nowadays, we teach human being to end idolatry and worshipping upon God’s Messenger. In the destiny of Lia as the Queen of Heaven, we should eliminate all possibilities that she could be worshipped as God. Thus, we purify her, so Lia Eden is exposed as ever-committed sins, and her confession is documented in Eden. And we state the identity of her spirit, as we also oblige to explain about the genetics of spirit.

Thus, the worshipping upon Mother Mary, as well as to Lia Eden should be stopped to secure the wholeness of Absolute Monotheism (absolute tawheed), The Oness of God. Therefore, all religions we should straighten to eliminate worshipping upon the bearer of religious teaching.

For every character of the prophet or messengers of God whom are loved by his adherents surely is the perfection of character that God bless unto each of them, for the sake of making him as the example and being loved, so God’s Teaching that he conveyed could be eternally become eternal, as a bond of faith for all people who believe in His teaching.

At this time, Lia Eden, God’s Messenger, we purify her openly, whatever her sins are and her family’s sins are validly documented as the document of purification upon herself. That matter is useful to anticipate idolization again upon her in the future.

Verily her son, Mukti Day whom we declare as the reincarnation of Jesus, and she, have experienced heavy ordeal to refute veneration upon them, for both of them have been venerated by the Christians. Even Jesus is stated as God and Mary is idolized as the Mother of God.

Such matter burdens Lia Eden’s spirit. Redemption of sin could be manifested through all obstacles and dangers that are experienced when she should convey God’s Revelation. Thus she goes through dangers that threat her. And all this time she constantly feels sick. She feels her body is heavy and sickly and she is always under physical tiredness. Ever since she entered her destiny, she endures all the pain and discomfort all day long. And she has to bear the pain everyday without being able to be lessened except she receives a therapy by the Messengers of Eden who take care of her. Then, she could close her eyes and rest from the pain and discomfort from tiredness.

All the diseases suffered by her bind her forever until she succeeds in bringing all religions in the world to be tawheed. However, she is also under a holy covenant with God that she could endure all of her constant agony and she is always able to stand back on her feet to carry out her duty and responsibility, anytime she is needed.

Whatever Lia Eden experiences is neither a misery nor difficulties for what she experiences is the redemption of the idolization upon her as Mary, who has been declared as the mother of God. Such idolization is exaggerated and that is what she bears now.

Whilst as the Queen of Heaven and Kingdom of Eden, she is facilitated by endurance, courage and intelligence and divinatory, which make her able to succeed in bearing her duty and responsibility. And she will be glorified by all people as a woman who is meritorious in declaring Heaven and bring all people back to their tawheed.

Whilst her son, Mukti Day, the reincarnation of Jesus, goes through ordeals of hardship and unstable life as well as not appointed as one of My Messengers of Eden by God. As he is supposed to be in Heaven with his mother, considering that he was God’s Messenger who was meritorious in conveying Christianity teaching unto his adherents and even he died through crucifixion. Truly, he was innocent upon it, for he never declared himself to be worshiped as God, but he should go through redemption of the sins of his adherents in that way. As for God’s Covenant upon him as the reincarnation of Jesus, he will enter his good fate after his mother succeeds in bringing all religions to be tawheed, moreover Christianity teaching that considers Jesus as God.

Thus, we have to show that he is a human being who has limitation, thus he is proven not as God the Bestower of Blessing. His hard life has proved that he is not God. Therefore, after his mother completes her duty to bring all religions into tawheed, then Mukti Day is released from the burden of the harm of idolization upon Jesus by the Christians.