puisi 18

When I fantasize about beauty
I want it to be with the truth
When I fantasize about the truth
I want it to be with beauty

Then I fantasize arranging flower
in a clear glass like this
Then I ask
Where is its truth?

Ask me not to arrange the truth in there
Because the truth can’t be arranged as arranging the flowers

Truth can only be massive if it is maintained
Truth can’t be lackluster if it is the best kind
And the truth is just beautiful
If it has been tested by calumny and oppression

The new truth is usually less preferred for it is uncommon
The hard thing is, that the common truth won’t budge even a slight
Whereas it already loose with age

I rub gently the new truth that is still solid
What should I do to make it becomes a general truth

Ugh, there is no way
Except to declare this new truth is beautiful
appeasing and become a solution as well