puisi 17

Who does know?
If angels could not be silly
Because they always know
What is surpass the limit, what should be watched

Silliness could only happen if we don’t know the limit
And if we focus with our own wish
Because it could then be a greed or ungratefulness

Why angels are not clumsy upon themselves?
They always stay above and always neutral
They can’t to be taken to anywhere
just because we believe in God

They can’t be fooled by many reasons
They could always grasp anything behind the reason
If it is not right, then there is no angel there

Human should know
That the sound of truth is the sound of angel
And deceit is the sound of devil

Human should know
That angels always know
human likes to manipulate the truth

As for skepticism is in between right and wrong
But don’t move from the right thought
So the fear to be mistaken is eliminated
Don’t be afraid of making friend with angels
So that the truth could not remain silent