puisi 01

Sadness is money
Like costs that should be spent
Everywhere money ends up as sadness
Turns not to be a sadness, money that is dissipated
Though it becomes happiness, there is always a sin that goes along

When sadness and happiness need money
There is There is legality that makes sadness and happiness are precious

So much sadness in this world
expecting some money without willingness to go through tiresome and sadness is improper
Halal money is no longer inappropriate to be competed with illicit money
Whereas making illicit money is tiring and sad too

Supposedly the world simplifies to earn halal money
How is it possible to forget haram money?
If the world simplifies to have illicit money
How is it possible halal money is easy to get?

Abundant of money is dissipated
Both halal and haram money

If mankind wishes to sanctify but what he finds is disaster
If disaster assaults holy people
What happens to holy people, holy and halal money?
Why is the fate such that?
Halal and haram have mixed together
Like holiness and refuge are no longer feasible in the Holy Land

Heavens deems money as nothing
Money can’t be spent in heavens

Heartbroken needs not money, but tears
Yonder, love in this world also needs money
Eating pizza for the couple needs money
Love is not merely for eating pizza
Like an angel who needs not pizza

In fact, love is not just for the couple
For there are angels who need love and their tears of affection

If you see not love as clear as the sky
Money throws unavailingly for love

Sadness is money
Love is money
Happiness is money
Money is for everything