puisi 07

The earth wets by blood
To digest is there God in the midst of wars?
And doesn’t He smell the stench of blood there?

And I see thousands of refugees seeking for asylum
In other countries that take pity
Or which force to chase them away

Then I think
How does it feel to be a refugee who are chased away
Or accepted by force?

Which one is better
Fighting for the truth of belief through warfare
Or taking care of refugees who are in misery
On the sea or in refugee camps
Which is better for God?

I am here writing down what is guided by God
Well, I could only write
Without being able to do anything else
For I am old and could only weep for
the war and the refugee

Ugh, I just have these old hands that could write down God’s Revelation
That gives His Direction and Solution
That is still ignored