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In The Name of God The Most Forgiving and The Most Just in Adjudicating

We, Eden Community, takes a vow that our vow accompanies the vow of Her Excellency Mother Lia Eden who earnestly state that we have taken God’s Command to open a Confession Room in KomunitasEden.com. Thus, we underlie the inclusion of Confession Room in Eden Website with our vow.

Based on God’s Command Who establishes His Stipulation upon Eden to put forward Confession Room for Eden Community and ex-Eden Community member, and for the world society all at once, who would like to confess their sins directly before God, as in Eden Website God has commanded to open a confession room.

As all human beings deserve to be given a chance to sanctify themselves under direct watching by God, thus all people could state the confession of their own sins without any mediator. As God understands all languages in the world and differentiates not religions, thus all people could use their own language and God accepts confession from adherents of any religion.

Confession Room targeted to be filled with articles of God’s Law related to His Law, which is from the light up to the heaviest with unforgiving criteria. In this room, God will reveal gradually the remission of sanction upon sin up to the criteria that could make sin elimination is possible.

Thus, God’s Sanctification becomes a blessing of sin reduction, so it could become enlightenment, assistance and salvation from God. Confession could be pleaded directly from one’s place, however confession through Eden is certainly opened to the public. And it means confession conducted by someone should be frank, honest, to be known by God, with the expectation that God forgives his/her sin. An honest confession before the public is considered as a sacred sanctification, which is valuable, for God considers the one who does it has been going through a heavy sacrifice since he/she has to overcome shame.

And this is God’s Vow descended down to guarantee the truth of God’s Command upon Eden to create confession room in Eden Website.

Below is stated the Most Sacred and Sacrosanct Vow of God, as follows:

And I take a vow that I have commanded Eden to open a room for confession in their website. And I take a vow that I have commanded Lia Eden to take care and hold responsible for the confession room unto Me.  And unto her I give a reference  of the format of confession room in Eden Website.  And unto her I make My Covenant to pledge the most sacredness and most sacrosanct confession done in KomunitasEden.com Website.

Thus, be the confession in Eden Website conducted as honest as possible for the sake of the fulfillment of prayer of those who sincerely confess their sin through Eden. And I promise unto you all who confess their sins in Eden Website, the first thing I would do for them is to grant their prayer. And I bless it unto them for they dare to make a commitment to be holy, for they have dared to confess their sins honestly before the public.

The sacrifice is surely not easy. For the confession before the public is absolutely embarrassing. Therefore, My Stipulation should be respected, by opening the confession room for the public and opened in the public space, thus it could be rendered as a balance against the devil’s fury in the world and the difficulty to get a fulfillment of prayer. It is due to human’s sins are very dense and  have been outrageous surpassing the limit. Only through the procession of confession and commitment to be willing to live holy that I deign to fulfill the prayer more easily.

The fulfillment of prayer that I allow is something that this nation hopes for. It is rare indeed and difficult to be realized for I have ended My Blessing upon this nation through My Ignorance upon prayers that pleaded by Indonesian people who have rejected My Heaven and My Revelations.

As for Heaven and My Revelations, they are the most sacred and most sacrosanct. Thus, I convince that I am now proving the harms of most sacredness and most sacrosanctity of My Heaven and My Revelations that have been rejected for a long time in this country. But to balance that, I create KomunitasEden.com Website so the public could see Eden’s Truth and My Revelations, to reveal the most loftiness of My Heaven that keep willing to save humankind and keep making effort of Heaven sanctification to bring in the fulfillment of prayer and blessing that is most needed by this nation, and moreover for the public world who is going through mass confusion.

Thus, the blessing of confession in Eden will be proven in public. As I am seriously striving to prove that I have really brought down Heaven to the world. Only Heaven that I put forward to save human being from the torment of Hell and the threat of changing nature from being a human. Today, many men are threatened to undergo nature changing, considering the density of human’s sins that surpass the limit.

And I take a vow that by the availability of confession room in human world, I make a move to apply My Court of Justice in the world. And I declare that whom I appoint as My Judge is Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit represented by Lia Eden, for her figure that is seen to execute My Court of Justice borne by the Holy Spirit in human world.

And the Archangel Jibril I have also allowed to take care of My Court of Justice to the world by giving him permission to appear once in a while for certain time to convey My Revelations, which is important for whomever he meets, for the sake of world peace and the peace of all religious adherents and to proclaim a Declaration of Unification of All Religions to the world. Without the appearance of the Archangel Jibril who comes and meets people whom I select to make effort of the world peace and Unification of All Religions, thus the Unification of All Religions that I command  is not easily  believed by all adherents that it is  solely derives from Me.

Thus, the Archangel Jibril will take care of My Court of Justice and the world peace by his own way, whilst Lia Eden takes care of My Court of Justice and world peace by writing down whatever I say to her, and then delivers it through Eden Discourse which is open to the public through KomunitasEden.com Website.

As for other thing, Lia Eden also writes a newest knowledge from Me in accordance with what she could deliver. Whilst the Archangel Jibril in his appearance will make a more concrete explanation and elucidate in scientific language. As that agreement could only be penetrated when there is a relevant parties upon that matter is willing to make a commitment to live holy. For it is impossible that a newest knowledge is descended down suddenly without being asked by anybody and without being strived for through a commitment to live holy.

As for the protocol of sanctity, it should be done first before My Gift upon that matter I prove  concretely. The newest knowledge I bring down through the sacredness of My Revelation, thus certainly it should be redeemed with sanctity by any party who is interested upon it.

And to make it easier to carry out, the Archangel Jibril will appear before the people whom could be expected to come forward as a figure that have been enlightened and full of interest on world peace or to devote themselves to God for the sake of the new knowledge from Me. As the Unification of All Religions I would accelerate to be accepted by all human beings, thus We, thereof would also give directions through the appearance of Archangel Jibril who will meet the world figures and the world religious figures.

Thus, My Stipulation for them both contains a covenant to present a newest knowledge from Me. And the Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit could come forward appears amidst human beings, when he should convey My Directions and the knowledge from Me, which is beneficial for the salvation of human being.

As for the confession room in Eden Website, it is intended to reveal Heaven’s  Purification in human world. And it is the only institution of My Salvation for human being, as Heaven I bring down to sanctify human being and salvage them.

Such is My Vow to guarantee the most sacredness and most sacrosanctity of the procession of confession in Confession Room in Eden Website. And human being could rely on this Heaven sanctification to be an enlightenment and My Salvation as well as the fulfillment of praying, and to be the path for receiving forgiveness from Me or direction for remission of karma redemption. For actually the karmas of sin should be redeemed equally with the harm that affects other people or other party. Without that way, sanction upon karma retribution should be taken fully and equally. And what it meant by equally is after calculating all harms meticulously by Me.

Such is confession could lessen the retribution that supposedly be equal. Whilst elimination of karma could only be given through equal redemption. Thus, in the Day of My Court of Justice and My Punishment now, many calamities and accidents befall on humankind. Such is the explanation regarding equal retribution of sins.

Such is God’s Vow We have conveyed, may this God’s Vow could convince the public that the Confession Room in Eden Website is mainly God’s Stipulation.

We just mediate it for we are obligated by God. However, this is how confession in Eden has been done all this time, for the sake of cleansing the dirty spirit and for the sake of expecting God’s forgiveness, so God would be willing to lessen the karma. As for the amount of reward of virtuousness, it is what could balance the sins, which make the sin could be forgiven completely by God and eliminated by His Will. But God will give direction the way to make the redemption is easier if one is willing to make commitment to live holy.

In the Name of God, we open a Confession Room in Eden Website. Thank you for your attention. May God bless you.

In The Name of God we put forward the confession done by Mike Sukacita, ex-Eden Community who by her own will plead her confession in Eden Website. Unto Mike Sukacita, please allow us to bring your confession unto God, may God bless forgiveness upon your sins. And may the public be enlightened by your honest and brave confession.

God, bless forgiveness for Mike Sukacita who has raised her confession before God The Most Forgiving and The Most Just. May You would be willing to make easy on Mike Sukacita’s life who loves You and may her honesty to confess her sins in Eden Website could become a pioneer for others who try to plead for Your forgiveness. God, bless Mike Sukacita and bless all people who are hoping to receive Your forgiveness and who dare to confess their sins.

God, bless us all who bear Your holy Mandate.

jawaban mike

As we oblige to make an example of the procession of confession that we conducted upon God’s Stipulation, thus we bring forth a confession of our friend who was once ever sanctified in Eden, that is Marike or Mike Sukacita, as follows:

pds Mike

To other ex-Eden Community who would like to renew your commitment unto God could follow Marike’s honest demeanor. For truly, after God is willing to reveal Eden’s Miracle, God opens a chance for the second group who would be willing to sanctify, for whoever would like to follow Marike’s step.

As for the public who would take the opportunity to self-purify directly to God in His Kingdom and Heaven, please write the confession of your sins below. May God Bless you all.