Di selku inilah aku berkomunikasi ruh dengan Hendra, korban mutilasi.

In This Cell I Communicated with Hendra’s spirit, the mutilation murder victim

I endure to state that Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit is with me, why? That’s because I have already pushed into the corner. For 20 years I have been cornered by people for having jinn as my companion who stated himself as a fake Jibril. However, all the teachings given by Jibril unto me have always been full of wisdom. So, why should I doubt?

And he has taken me to another world completely, without being able to return to my previous world. Anyway I am already 68 years old, what is the aim to look for the meaning of life in other way? Rather than feeling sleepy, nothing else to do, I’m writing this. It is about my memory  having in touch with a supernatural while I was in prison.

My story happened when I  was imprisoned for the second time. I was placed in a drug detention cell of Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police (Polda Metro Jaya), for there was still room for me. Whilst  in the criminal detention center of Polda Metro Jaya was already full. FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) figures were also detained there, so you could imagine! If you are afraid of something, then God  makes you face it intentionally. Surely it is God’s test unto me. Oh my God!

Therein, I was placed at the corner of the room. I was alone there, without knowing that it was a haunted room. When I first came into the room I found a woman cleaning the room and she was the one who stayed in that room before, but she was told to move to another room because the room was given to me. I asked her name, and she replied: “Sri Rumiyati”. I forgot that she was a mutilator, whereas I had read about her just a while.

Then, someone told me the identity of her, that she was Rumiyati, who mutilated her husband and left him under the seat of Mayasari Bakti bus. I shuddered a bit to hear it. Even more shudder when in the evening, I was told by Jibril that I was asked to contact the spirit of Hendra, the late husband of Sri Rumiyati.

At first I refused, and really did not want to. As for that sort of thing, it is a violation. Because whatever he commands, surely I must be willing to do it.  Then I brace up myself and I finally push myself to greet him. I am blessed with an ability by God to communicate with any spirit creature, who is allowed by God for me to communicate.

Then the spirit communications took place and I was very surprise, he wept bitterly, and said: “I love my wife, I forgive her. I am the one who is wrong, so Rumiyati experienced thing as bad as this “. And I ask him to tell me what did he mean by that.

I was surprise and didn’t expect that such communication that in the beginning I was frightened unexpectedly I found it was enjoyable, because I had  a new experience.  I could learn something behind a bitter reality and horror through spirit communication with the supernatural world. Communicating with spirit creature is not dangerous if it is by God’s will.

Hendra said :” it is the evil spirit who has given me magical power that possessed her,  because it  is revengeful unto me :”

And I asked:” Why did that evil’s spirit avenge you?”

He said:” My life is a dark life and it is full of sins, so I need magic to gain my supernatural power. And that spirit gave me. But I was not satisfied just having one  supernatural power, then I continuously looked for other powers. I got another guru with different power. That was the cause of his anger and vengeance to me”.

And he ask my favor to help his wife to be able to be released from that evil spirit’s provocation and he was worried that the evil spirit will still use his wife to do other evil’s deeds. Then he told me to tell his wife to shun away from the artocarpus camansi tree near his house, for that was the place where that evil spirit lodged. And he asked me to pray for his wife so she could be released from that evil spirit.

The next morning I sought Sri Rumiyati. I called her to come to my room and I told her that her husband love her and forgave her. And she bursted into tears and said:” I also love him so much”

As for Rumiyati, when I clarified to her about artocarpus camansi tree, she was startled and said that there is a artocarpus camansi tree in our house and Hendra, her husband, was often sit under the tree. “I do not know for what reason,” she said. And she admitted that her husband liked to sought for black magic.

So our conversation s continuous, and I was getting more enthusiastic to explore further this Rumiyati case. But when I offered to help her casting out the evil spirits, her face suddenly looked strange and she ran away from me.

I wonder why, I just wanted to help her, why was she afraid of? Until now I do not know what is the reason.  And when I met her in Tangerang prison,  I asked her once more why she did not want me to help her. She still did not want to answer. So it is still a mystery for me.

Maybe she had trauma and she did not want to have anything to do with the evil spirit. But after that time she was rarely seen around my room, then I asked the warden to allow me to help her. But I never thought that the warden’s face even suddenly changed with full of fear and even his superior came to forbid me praying for Sri Rumiyati.

Huh, I just wanted to help but everybody refused it. Finally until Rumiyati “sailed” to Tangerang prison, I haven’t had a chance to pray for her. In that prison, when we got the call to transfer to another prison, the term that is used is “sailing”.  I don’t know how this word is used and connected to prison displacement.

When I also sailed to Tangerang Women’s Penitentiary I met her. Again I offered her husband’s message, but she still refused. Well, what can we do!  I just pray by myself before God so Rumiyati will no longer be followed by the evil spirit.

As for the problem of the spirit since the beginning I got in touch with God transcendentally,  I’ve been taught bit by bit to recognize figure by figure of supernatural realm. That is because the supernatural people when they talk about the supernatural, really, it’s weird huh? As if there are scary figures, some are beautiful and so forth.

But in my opinion, the supernatural likes to exaggerate metaphysical stories so those become unreasonable. But Jibril teach me about spirit realm and spirit reincarnation and spirit regulation, and also God’s law articles in the spirit realm.

In prison I learned a lot of criminals character, and Jibril said “ it is not different with recognizing evil spirits in their realm”. Consequently I am not too scared anymore, if I have to deal  with evil spirits. But I never see the figure because I am afraid of it, so I’m protected by God not to see their figures. However, my contact with jinn and devil can be felt through the mystical sense that God gave me. But I do not like dealing with them. So if Jibril doesn’t force me to deal with them, I am not going to deal with them.

Supernatural power is often commercialized and is made as an exciting stories so that people will depend on them and are willing to pay expensively for their help. Their lifestyle then become as a celebrity who lives  in luxury. Ugh, their lifestyle is very dangerous for the public, for it makes other people are tempted to do the same.  Thus, idolatry becomes more prevailing. And those who do not understand the holy verses will make it as a fetish.

According to Jibril, satan releases its lust through its trickery by the name of the holy verses, and then those holy verses are tainted and lose its sacredness for it is used for things that are contradicted with religion.

And such kind of sin is included in idolatry sins that will not be forgiven by God. So don’t get close to the shamans, they just say nonsense!

Every supernatural power is obtained by paying dearly in the form of ‘offering covenant’. And the dowry covenant each day demands valuable offering which is related to the change of nature.

We have reminded many times not to get in touch with idolatry, it is very dangerous. Especially this time is the age of reversal. Idolatrous people can be affected by that God reversal and the reversal incident can be a binding between the devil and human soul, and human often undergoes possession.

If the covenant with the devil is greater in numbers, then the man becomes more powerful, when it reaches the time of God’s Reversal, they will possibly become a person who are difficult to control their self and raving, dangerous and considered as crazy.

So there are plenty mutilation murders. It is possible that the mutilation murderer actually being possessed as Rumiyati.  Lucky me, God once brought me to get acquainted with Rumiyati and her late husband in his realm to recognize the consequences of black magic hunting.

The revenge from spirit realm is very dangerous and scary, they can take revenge through the incident of spontaneous human combustion. Someone could get burnt throughout his body without anyone does that. And this is the devil’s action in the end times, it surely becomes very loose and frightening.

In prison many people are possessed. From time to time I could hear someone who were possessed screamed hysterically. I was asked for several times to handle possessed persons, which then made me used to face possessed people. Apparently there are some people who are possessed until  their death. And my friend’s wife is possessed continuously for 6 months. Just imagine how difficult they are to cast out the evil spirits by various ways.

Truly, humankind is now threatened to become the butt of evil spirits. Many mass demonic possession happened in Indonesia. I watch in the internet, there are  also many mass demonic possession incidents in other country, but not as often as in Indonesia. According to Jibril, the end times is the phase of exchange nature among all God’s creatures. Evil spirits are already dying to enter the world of human before his time.

As for humankinds who are full of sins, they become vulnerable to be possessed by satan. Actually it is the harm of sins that could make evil spirit get the opportunity to create someone to become unstable and possess him.

Thus actually the opportunity of the evil spirit to possess humankind is human’s sin, particularly idolatry sins, because of the existence of covenant with spirit creature that has been done by human, or inherited from their parent or ancestors. Therefore, truly the harm of idolatry could threaten from generation to generation.

This time many jins and evils spirits possess human just for fun to as if they are in euforia enjoying the transition phase before their cursed is end. Those who are not patient to wait will penetrate human nature by possessing human. That is why many demonic possession incidents happened.

“Don’t cast out demonic possession by hurting the person who is possessed as if is hurting the jin who is tormenting the possessed man. Pity on that person. The jin who possesses cannot be touched by human supernatural power, because jin does not have physical, so it cannot be hurt. Do not snap the possessed person as if snapping the jin that is hurting him. Jin is not afraid of man’s yell. Jin said “ so what?”

Humans cannot see jin where he is at that time. So if there is martial-arts-move is used to cast out jinn, it looks funny to see that kind of thing. What kind of move to cast out the jin? Intangible creature is just looking for a way to control one’s spirit. And someone’s soul could be controlled, if there is a void for it. Thus, how could man know which side jin is controlling the human’s spirit? Jin is able to control human mind, therefrom it control man’s physical as well.

Actually, inside human there are two types of genes, it is given as human nature. Those are evil and good genes. Do good deeds as much as possible, so it’s the good gene that plays a major role within yourself, and if there are people who are unstable and have karma of their sin, that could become the void to be possessed, then the role of the evil gene inside him is lifted up.

If human being want to realize this matter, then he must care for goodness and righteousness that pass through his life and won’t let it becomes unavailing. Thus, he has shield against demonic possession.

Here are some tips to cast out the demonic possession. Don’t get close to idolatry. Don’t ever make covenant with jin and don’t come near people who clearly known of using magical power and commercialize it. And don’t ask for shaman’s services if you wish to win direct regional election. It is far away from a blessing! And you will involve in idolatry that the consequence could trouble you in a long run, and certainly you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Kingdom of Eden and Eden the Heaven are descended down by God to fight against the devil malignancy.  Supposedly we are believed that God is really sending down Eden’s miracle to facilitate the handling demonic possession issue, , so we recommend the treatment to those possessed persons as follows:  it is sufficient just by  praying to God stating, “In the Name of God the Only One and in the Name of the Kingdom and Heaven of Eden “, may God casts out the evil spirits that are disturbing. Thus, this method is the easiest way, which is simple and granted by God. And We have proven its success many times.  Thus, perhaps this is the way how God frees us from the accusations of heresy and religious blasphemy.

One day when I was in prison, still in the Detention Center of Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police in 2009, there was a young woman who had been possessed for days in Polda detention center, but I just came in that center. And I was still busy with my own errands, then I didn’t pay attention to that possessed person. Moreover, many people already handled it including the member of FPI (Front of Islamic Defenders) who accidentally were also imprisoned there.

 I forgot the name of that young woman, but she was possessed for days, making the milieu of the detention center became horror and noisy due to her screaming. Until one day, on my way to my room after meeting my visitors, I was asked to handle that possessed person.  And I followed God’s Direction, and instantly that woman gained her consciousness and recovered.

Therefore, to overcome demonic possession now is really not difficult, it’s enough just by praying unto God and plead for Eden’s miracle to happen by saying in the name of Heaven of Eden and Kingdom of Eden. And we inform this not to boast ourselves, but rather as God’s command to us to share God’s Help concerning an easy way to handle people who are in anguish due to demonic possession.

Eden’s miracle doesn’t belong to us, and it’s mainly God’s possession.  And even though we deliver this God’s Help, it is under His Command.