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In the quarantine room, I saw drug inmates were beautiful and sexy. Ever stayed in drug detention cell of Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, Pondok Bambu Detention Center and Tangerang Women’s Penitentiary made me familiar with drug prisoners.

Most of them are hard to leave the world of drugs. Feeling that I always failed to make them come to their senses, I try to teach them flower arrangement. And God has given me a chance to teach flower arrangement in Tangerang Women’s Penitentiary. Most of my students were drug prisoners.

Untuk murid-muridku di Lapas, aku meninggalkan buku untuk mereka, judulnya: Filosofi Bunga dari Penjara. Gambar dari halaman yang terbuka adalah karya murid-muridku yang di sana.

For My Pupils in Prison, I left my book , entitled: “‘Flower Philosophy from Prison.”
The open page shows the pictures of my pupil creations.

There are many things that become obstacles for me to take them out of the world of drugs, mainly because they are difficult to leave the drug’s addiction and the flow of drug’s money.

There is one experience that I got from quarantine room in Pondok Bambu Detention Center. Women who live with drug are also immoral. They lived freely without any bond. If many drug’s addicted women are pretty and have no idealism, it can be imagined to what extent they use their appeals to get drugs.

In the quarantine room, the boisterous sound of disco music deafened ears all the time. Of course I, who accustomed to contemplate felt uncomfortable and very much annoyed. Especially if they held a musical performance by hiring a ‘single organ’, and they all danced a dangdut dancing.

They were allowed to dance erotic dancing altogether in service area (an area to dry the washed clothes using clotheslines) where the iron clotheslines were removed in order to give them space to dance. And they all danced dangdut with the boisterous sound of music, even if it’s  raining they kept dancing and kept frenetic.

Could you imagine that I who was trying to avoid sin, but had to watch the prisoners who were being revel in dangdut while the lesbians were also reveling making out and kissing each other, woman with woman! Those are exaggerated sins, nauzubillahi minzalik!

At that time I felt that I was in hell. I saw the lesbian prisoners embraced each other with her girlfriend, twisting, sickening anyone who saw it. But those actions were allowed.

And I prayed to God hoping that I was immediately rescued from there, of the crowded quarantine room, I saw the boisterousness and sins, but I had been here. And Jibrill said: “You have to see those all before you move to another chance of test.”

I could only stun while waiting for my turn to take a bath in the bathroom that  was always full and never empty. Fortunately Palkam (Head of Security) of the quarantine room was good to me and told the people who were still in the bathroom, who were almost finished, to give me a time to take a bath and the others were not allowed to go in while I was in the bathroom.

And I was safe because of that good Palkam. I think it was God’s help for me. I am old now, so I forgot the name of that good Palkam. But I hope that God blesses her with an easiness in her life.

Ini ruang karantina. Aku sempat dua kali disekap di sana, tahun 2006 dan 2009. Napi baru harus mengalami penaling (pengenalan lingkungan) selama seminggu di ruang karantina.

This is the quarantine room. I was staying there two times, in 2006 and 2009. New prisoners have to undergo orientation program for a week to get to know the environment in the quarantine room.