Say that I am not accustomed to use a standardized language if I wish to address something to become standard, it might be better to use an unusual language first. And if not yet used to, well make it familiarized first until it becomes usual.

If not yet able to standardize the Revelation and if wish to address the Revelation to be standard, it might be better we use common language first because there will be no danger and will not be rejected. The standardization of Revelation will never be embedded because it will forever be rejected.

That is how new knowledge from God that we proposed to has been deleted after it has broadcasted. And we resubmit the narrative of the next new knowledge from God with the thought that perhaps it will not be erased. Unfortunately Eden’s article in was put down again without we know the reason.

It might be that moderator feel uncomfortable seeing the language of Revelation which is uncommon and again we have to be patient and no need to see who is wrong and who is disappointed. It’s a very loud voice of rejection. It seems not reasonable.

Ah, it’s no need to think about it. The time has come not to bring the truth through the dark tunnels any more. I see I.T approach is not as cruel as judge’s hammer that against Revelation. IT approach is sort of a freeway course, allows to be passed by anyone. Imagine if it can be used to raise the truth of God up, surely we will go through steep cliffs as well. But virtual world is also the humble world of angels, but indeed could overcome the stagnation’s surge caused by the public rejection.

Imagine if all people blaspheme and all data are properly stored in digital archival records and can be accessed any time. Any opportunity can be used to obtain evidence of wrongdoing or evidence of the truth. IT sophistication can be expected to be a contribution of a fulfillment to those who are thirsty for the truth, when the truth even exists in the middle of the struggle on the debate between those who restrict the truth and those who are with the truth. I don’t say between wrong and right, because we present between what it seems true and the truth itself. Its contribution lies only in who is more honest.

It is very impossible to move to the other side. Since we are just the people who work  underground, so we have to move impeccably. Labeled calumny is too hard to be blamed, besides no body is perfect.

Even we move upside down, we wouldn’t be believed if we state that what we convey is really God’s Revelation. So far nobody would believe us. And there is no defense for whatever we declare. So we prefer to pass over the tempestuous calumnies flare as it is. And we just enjoy all the consequences without having to push ourselves searching for the truth recklessly.

At this time if we are given any present, it’s a great pleasure for us.  Every sincere gift will bring joy, until we find the changing from that sincerity or the deeper sincerity. Should we find the deeper sincerity, no matter how small it is, it feels delightful and proper to be grateful.

Any changing in the world is undoubtedly derived from an adversity or a truth that is striving for. And we choose to walk among the adversities for the truth. That all events in this world comes from the singularity alone, namely from something which then dragged into its truth and then there is something that led it to the contrary. And it divides into two different parts, then three, four parts and so forth.

If it has already like that, o my goodness, all people are confuse, who is right and who is wrong. And the truth gets panic, just wants to return to its hometown.  Unpretentious and be a nobody.

Who will become the coordinate of truth, if it is already like that? Even if the pre-trial often issues a guilty verdict, the Supreme Court is not capable to take care of the truth and law completely and fairly, then where could we ask for justice, if all people are guilty and inaccurate. Many people firm in stating something but there is something behind it. Many people wishy-washy because they are scare. Watching TV, seeing prominent figures, one moment they support something but at a moment later they deny their statement. Which one of their utterances is right? People become confuse, yet angel isn’t, for the idea of the reversal even becomes intense and argumentative.

If the utterance of people who are in power are also cannot be trusted, thus common people who get evicted, they revolt and scold, and in other time they demonstrate carrying a slogan that is not understandable what is their purpose to carry those, except for one thing, that is for a pack of mixed rice and a shoestring.

Poor people pawn their truth cheaply. The highly status people pawn their truth with a stack of rupiahs and dollars for stocks and bonds. But if mankind has no desire, what can they achieved? Just a little happiness, for not following evil deeds. So what! That’s it? What is the pleasure if we have nothing besides pride?

If it’s already up to here, people could only ask, do good people could only be submissive and satisfied enough for not being involved in doing fraudulences, which is trendy now? Up to here, we could only say:” There are many ways to Heaven”.

No matter how is the road to Heaven, surely if one could undertake one path, namely sincerity, therefrom exists the sincerity of honesty, sincerity of truth, sincerity of bravery, sincerity of sacrificing,  sincerity to be something that is dislike and so forth. So, how if you go through one of those first, before you move to the other.