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In transcendental communication, Archangel Jibril explains it to me through


God’s entity is spherical and the most enormous. Actually God is the most embodiment and not invisible. The Noble Quran, Chapter Al A’raaf verse 7:

“Then indeed We will definitely narrate to them with Knowledge, and in no way were We Unseen.”

Verily here is Al A’raf verse 7, the holy verse that explains God will descent knowledge about Himself who are not unseen.


And this is God’s Revelation that explains about Himself unto me, which is adjusted to my humble reasoning ability in understanding what He is intended to. And please allow me to convey God’s Words related to His Most Global and Supreme Spirit as follows.

First we plea unto God for His Blessing to convey His Vow as follows:

I take a vow, there is none that is greater than My Greatness. And I am The Owner of the entire universes and all its contents, as well as The Creator of them. And I am The Creator of all the lives in the whole universes and all the lives of My creatures.

Take Me as your only God absolutely. And do not ever worship other than Me, for I am God The Almighty and The Only Bestower of life. My Most Globality and Supreme Spirit are the secrets of the universe and all the lives. Such is I will explain My Most Globality and My Supreme Spirit.

As for the astronomers, they have revealed the Map of The Universe. This drawn map has covered 380 millions light years, enclosed 45.000 neighborhood galaxies of Milky Way.

But I describe My Most Globality through the finding of the Map of Universe as described by the scientists from University of Portsmouth, UK, who made the map of Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) Redshift Survey. And to support that finding, I state that My Most Globality is embracing the whole universes, which are the most immense.


The drawn map of part of the universes  by 2MASS (Two Micron All-Sky Survey) Redshift Survey we can utilize to initiate an explanation toward the Spherical Shape of God the Most Global

The description of globality that has been presented by the scientists, its coverage can be imagined will reach My Most Global, which is The Most Great.

Thus, I proclaim My Most Global that is The Most Great could be developed interconnecting with My Supreme Spirit which streams out My Spirit to the entire objects of universe and My creatures in the whole universes.

Through the mapping of 2MASS Redshift Survey, I consider it can underlie the knowledge regarding the system of the flowing of My Spirit to the entire universes and all the living existences of My creation. Truly, I am The Center of the basis of Spirit and it is what creates the  continuity, sustainability and eternal in the system of reincarnation.

If an orange is cut into two on its center, crossing its fiber, you can see the nucleus hole of the orange. Similar to this nucleus hole, if it is positioned in My Greatest Sphere, the location of the nucleus of the orange is alike with the placement of the coordinates of My Spirit Core in the universe. Whereas the meticulous embracement of My Spirit covers the entire surface of the skin or the surface of The Global of Myself that is rounded as the orange.

Let’s say the entire orange’s contents and its seeds I analogize as the universal objects, namely the entire stars and planets in the whole universes. If the two parts of the orange are joined back together, then the joining part becomes the globality, as a sphere that explains the embracement of the universes in one globality. Thus, the coverage of the universe is also spherical and it is My Real Shape. Muhammad did not receive the deeper knowledge about the spirit, for the explanation regarding the spirit I will just reveal it in the end times.

According to the provision of the law article about doomsday, I will explain about the spirit only when the explanation is related to the Day of My Court of Justice. And the Day of My Court of Justice is being enacted when the earth is processing toward the doomsday, so human beings would accept the explanation regarding redemption they have to pass through if they wish to maintain their nature as human.

And the sinners are threatened to experience the changing nature to become other creature. Thus, human beings could then be aware of their actions after they are brought to realize what does threaten their noble nature.

If I am willing to explain about the hereafter and give explanation about the nature of spirit long before now, men could stand not from their curiosity to go deeper to the world of spirit, whereas the world of spirit is full of mysteries, which cannot be entered by human’s thought.

 And the secret of the spirit nature is difficult to be digested by human’s logic, which their nature can disperse not into the invisible world that has layers of dimensions, and its law order is very much different and contrast with the law system of human’s world.

To prevent the mix up of the logic of the invisible nature of spirit and human’s logic, which is easily influenced, thus I bring forth this explanation. And indeed, human being is blessed with intelligence from Me. Unfortunately, there are many people whose thoughts like to wander around to look further for the secret of The True Me. And many people follow their curiosity by all means for the sake of hierarchical honor that they are seeking.

And to follow the searching of new matters for the sake of fulfilling their intelligence, they fantasize about revealing the secret of God as deep and as far as they can, but they forget that the secret of The True Me cannot be divulged by them, but they already consider themselves as not needing God anymore, for they have known everything. Thus, I am not willing to reveal the secret of the nature of spirit until I consider it is the time for human to be told.

The explanation regarding the knowledge of spirit is stated in the Holy Quran, Chapter Al Isra’ verse 85.

THE NOBLE QUR’AN, Chapter Al Isra’ verse 85.

“And they ask you, about the soul. Say, “The soul is of the affair of my Lord. And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.”

This is the verse that explains human possesses not the knowledge of spirit since it is My Errand. And I explain only a small part. This is just a bit of My Explanation regarding the spirit, so human being will not easily try to break through his knowledge to the spirit’s world.

It is said, the world of spirit, which humankind understands not makes human easily tricked by the devils through their perverted analogies.  Therefore I currently try to explain more about spirits, so human would not break through their knowledge anymore to the world of spirit and will not be misled by the devils.

The mapping of the flow of My Spirit to the whole universes and every corner of life, can be imagined as the mapping of stimulant integral network of spirit’s flow that embrace the universe. Every planetary object is  part of constructivism of the life of the universe.

The independency of every planetary object comes from My spirit’s command unto them. But the coexistence of the life of universal objects regulates in accordance with the system of universe that has been determined.

Distribution of spirit upon the universal objects is surely different, it is in accordance  with the function of each of the universal object. Thus is also the distribution of spirit upon all of My creatures and My other Creation is also in line with the habitat and the function of each of them.

 As I created the holy angels and give them a holy spirit, and to the wicked devils I give them an evil spirit, and humans who are humane is given with a spirit that enable humans to make consideration by utilizing their mind and thought.

Human’s wickedness or virtuousness is fully related to the stipulated destiny for him, and it depends on the deeds that he has been done in his previous life.

Good is his kind of spirit when he has many rewards of his good deeds. Evil is his kind of spirit when he has conducted wickedness or transgression. Therefore, these spirits are surely not similar in their kinds.

Such is I try to explain different kinds of spirits that I determine upon each of the fate of My Creation. There are four poles of the spirit center, in the north, south, east and west, and the spirit center coordinates exists in the epicenter of the universe, enclosed in the criteria of determination of the direction from the side of My Most Global.

 Such is I place the spirit coordinates, which is the axis, in the middle of the expanse of the universe. From that five center points flow the spirit’s radiation to all directions and all layers of the universe and all the contents permanently and eternal in the regulation that reincarnates.

Regarding the flow of My Spirit unto the living creatures and everything inside a planet or an earth, I can imagine the similarity of the map of the spirit’s flow with the distribution of My Spirit throughout My Globality for the universal objects. But the centralization and the flowing of the spirit are more detail and meticulous, for the complexity of the kinds of creatures on an earth is up to the unseen microcosmic creatures.

While the mapping of the flow of the spirit remains the same. However, there will be none of My creatures and their technology, no matter how advance is the technology, which can spy out My Shape from the outside of My Globality, so they could watch My Real Shape. There will not be any technology that is able to reach this point.

So, would there still be anyone who wishes to worship other god besides Me, God The Supreme Spirit and The Almighty and The Greatest? The essence of My thorough Explanation is stated in the Holy Quran, Chapter Ar Rahman verse 33:

THE NOBLE QUR’AN, Chapter Ar Rahman verse 33:

“O, assembly of jinns and men! If you have power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass ye! Not without authority shall ye be able to pass (kingdom)”

Actually in this modern era with their technology, human being as well as jinn have been able Actually in this modern era with their technology, human being as well as jinn have been able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and earth, however, no matter how high is the human’s and jinn’s technology, they will not be able to pass My Most Global. For beyond My Most Global there is no life and there is no technology that could be activated.

As for the advance of super technology, even none of those could reach to the maturity of technology, which its coverage could comprehend the coverage of the size of My Most Global, for human’s technology should take into account the accuracy of the broadness of My Most Global and the coordinate of the core of the universe to calculate the most accurate measurement in order to begin the phase of centralization of the coordinate of the core of the universe. And there is no finite measurement for the infinity of My Most Global. Thus, there is no creature that is able to apply his knowledge until reaching the target to understand the secret of My Almighty.

And I just give My Explanation unto Lia Eden as My Messenger in the end times. Thus, unto her I reveal the secret of My Shape, which is spherical like a ball through Archangel Jibril’s guidance unto her that elucidates My Most Global through the Orange Theory. Thus, she could understand how she should explain My Shape unto the public. However, the explanation about My Shape I just reveal when I descend down My Kingdom and My Heaven to the world.

And no human being with their technology could reach to the conclusion that My Shape is spherical and massive, not imperceptible, for I am the same with other universal objects that I create within the embracement of My Self.

THE NOBLE QURAN, Chapter Al A’raf verse 7:

“Then indeed We will definitely narrate to them with Knowledge, and in no way were We Unseen.”

Thus is the literal interpretation of the verse that I am explaining now. And this is the time I announce to human beings that I am God The Almighty and I am not invisible at all for My Most Global Shape has been able to be detected by the science of astronomy.

And this My Announcement I intentionally made after watching what you have done, that is looking at your judgement upon the system and mechanism of the universe, which is not yet accurate and able to cover the occurrence of universe planology.

And when human’s intelligence of universe science has been able to reach the needed knowledge of intergalactic, whereas human’s civilization on this earth now is experiencing a vacuum in religious values, which can be agreed absolutely by all parties, thus the soaring of modern human’s knowledge of technology is not synchronous with the value of faith which now is mazy and contradictory.

And it is dangerous for people who are purely faithful unto Me. Thus I reveal the veiling verses of chapter Al A’raf verse 7.

Therefore, it is I who give power to the Kingdom of Heaven, which I bless for humankind in this century. Without the blessing of knowledge from Me, it will not be possible for human and jinn to understand this knowledge.

When did I begin and how was the creation of My Beginning? I never have a beginning and never been created, for I exist and eternally exist. Nothing creates Me for I am The Creator. And it is also impossible for Me to experience an end for I am eternal forever. And it is I who always create the beginning and the ending upon all of My Creations.

My Existence is absolute, so is the system that I have created. I live not because of something, nor as a creature or anything that is created and has the beginning and then undergoing development or changing nature or deterioration, for it is I Who create all the system of life. Thus, do not ever ask where I come from. For all the beginning in the universes and the lives of all My creatures derive only from Me.

I am God The Supreme Spirit and The Most Knowing of everything. No one gives Me anything for I am the Owner. Thus, worship not other than Me for there is no god that is more powerful than I am and better than I am. Do not worship Me together with anything else, furthermore lower My Existence so you wish to ask, “When was God born and when will He die?” As if you certainly live longer than I do and is more intelligent than I am.

Whoever searches for The True God through the beginning of the universe for the sake of getting the essential knowledge, but do not negates My Existence for that reason.

However, follow your instinct of intelligence through My Path, which always gives you the enlightenment of science. I shall complete your knowledge as far as possible until you are able to recognize tawheed thus, you are willing to admit My Most True, which you cannot penetrate.