Problems faced by Eden are surely related to God’s Revelations, the previous or the recent one. And Eden’s recent issue is certainly raised by God in the Website of Eden. For the sake of bringing up the truth by God to be put forward, as the testimony of Eden’s righteousness as well as God’s Teaching for today. Meanwhile, God is truly holding His Court of Justice and His Judgement in human world. And we are commanded to convey the condition of God’s Court of Justice completely.

And God adjudicates human being not just by utilizing the article of law from the verses of the previous Holy Books, but also adding His articles of Law by the law that aligns with the sins at the present time, which has not been covered in His previous Holy Books, considering in the past sins were not as outrageous?? as it is now. Cyber technology and I.T. has made sins become entangled and free to wander across the continents and countries.

As for total comprehension upon God’s Court of Justice that is being executing at this time could be followed on every issue commanded by God to be lifted up in Eden’s Website. And before that happens, this is God’s Declaration related to God’s Court of Justice and His Judgement which is being applied by God now.

God’s Vow Related to The Declaration of God’s Court of Justice unto All Head of States and Statesmen,  as well as Religious Prominent Figures in The World


“Regarding My Court of Justice, actually it is being applied in the world today. But I need to affirm the implementation/ of My Court of Justice in this world by bringing forth the statement that My Court of Justice will specifically be carried out for head of states, religious prominent figures and statesmen, as well as the other world’s figures.

And I take a vow that I will conduct My Court of Justice in this world shortly. And I take a vow to adjudicate first the head of states whose countries have caused criticality in this world, and the figures that have brought troubles, which then have instigated tension amongst nations.

Whoever instigates the incidence of the Third World War, and whoever detests each other and then causing the flaring up of enmity which triggers the world war, and whoever attacks with nuclear thus instigates the flaring up of the world war, they are whom I will put as the main defendant in My Supreme Court of Justice, which  I will conduct shortly.

And they, and their countries and nations, I determine as people whom I will leave behind on this earth. And they all will also taste the Hell of Doomsday, or they will be in the domination of wicked alien’s invasion from other planet, who will invade this earth. Be known, they have given their signs that they have visited this earth and have had left their threat in the form of sinkholes, which each day increase in numbers.

As such, I have declared My Court of Justice for the world’s figures. Archangel Jibril The Holy Spirit will come to lead My Court of Justice amidst human beings, although in fact he will also be the judge   who adjudicates all creatures in this world. And he is not alone, for he is accompanied by all angels on this earth.

Angels work   not in the name of curse, but rather their role is functioned as the ones who convey blessings, and graces, and enlightenments as well as strengthen the voice of conscience. Thus, when ones desire to discuss truthfulness and the right steps of stance, listen to your voice of conscience, and angels speak through your conscience.

Satan and devil play the role as the conveyor of curses and all harms.  And Satan and devil deliberately plunge human in sins so they can reach their victory to  e get the changing nature to be human. And on the contrary, the doomed human will replace the nature of devil.

In these days prior to doomsday, the legal provision upon the law of stipulation of the changing or exchanging nature amongst all My Creatures is implemented. And it happens after the stipulation of My Court of Justice, which is being  carried out now, has its verdict been enacted.

That is why, I  apply The Day of God’s Power and Heaven as well as Hell. Such Is,  again I say My Words   intensely and openly to the world society, which are prominent as the implementation of My Day of Power in this world.

Supposedly human beings know such essential knowledge, then they could have addressed and understood how to act in responding to all complicated problems, and which are full of  nervousing dilemmas.

Unfortunately, human beings favor more to take short cut although it is against their conscience, and many more,   favor to indulge only in their lusts.

Thus in the end times, many people are rejoicing in their fraudulence or criminality and ferociousness. And devil is capable to deceive truthfulness into viciousness  , as well as greediness becomes power, and  deceiving fanaticism upon religion.

But it is the angels who feel unfortunate for they have no chance to bring humans to realize,   let alone to purify them until purely holy. Therefore, I bring down Heaven of Eden and Kingdom of Eden. And I descend down the Holy Spirit to be the  ‘imam’ (leader) for all people without taking any side.  And He is also trusted as the judge who is the most just, for he represents My Most Justice to human’s world.        

And he is trusted as the judge who can make decision in balance, by including the utmost solution for every errand he handles. And I bless all his decisions, as for every just decision he makes, surely has been approved by Me.      

Truly I feel pity and concerned   upon Islam adherents, who receive harsh warning from Me. But what can I do, for the world peace could only be attained if Islam adherents realize that I loathe them,  and they will not be arrogant anymore upon their own religion and whatever they do as jihad.

After they realize that I reject their way of jihad, surely the ego and jihad eagerness of the terrorists and radical ulemas (Muslim scholars or religious leaders) will diminish. Truly I love Islam adherents who worship Me sincerely and piously. If they will to be silent and   refrain themselves, then surely they will be able to lessen My Curse. 

As long as they are still arrogant and shameless, I hesitate to talk to them. And I prefer to disregard them. Whereas their reincarnated prophet is with Me in Heaven of Eden, who always weeps for his adherents, but he can do nothing for he is respected not.

As for Abdul Rachman is the reincarnation of Muhammad whom I was intended to bring forth as Imam Mahdi. He is not good in overcoming Muslim’s problems, which have been so confusing like a wet tangled threads that are impossible to be untangled and straightened. And he has been oppressed by Muslims and imprisoned by them, thus his function as Mahdi, the bearer of My Revelation for Muslim is cancelled by itself.

But now,  I command him to give an example for Muslim so they will realize through the example of his humbleness and high-mindedness as well as his sincerity and firmness   in his absolute faith in Me.         Verily he has redeemed his karmas related to his teaching upon Islam, which has deviated substantially. Thus he is tough in enduring all trials and ordeals he experienced for the sake of redeeming his karmas.

Hey Islam adherents, accept him who loves you and has sacrificed for you all. Although he does not   embrace Islam any longer, but rather has neutralized his belief  in accordance with My Stipulation upon adherents of all religions. However, inside himself there is a pure seed of Islam that lives eternally in his heart.

And I bless him to be the dear friend of all Muslims as a resource person to whom everyone can ask about My Wisdoms which are beneficial for Muslims who would like to come closer to My Heaven.

As for My Wisdoms for Muslim countries can be questioned unto the Holy Spirit after the time has come for him to appear in human’s world. And he will also give guidance unto the head of states and world’s figures when a solution is needed for critical problem in each country. And surely he will not take sides,  except to incline unto truthfulness and the not-guilty ones.sate

Regarding My Stipulation, which he will present as a solution from Me, it can only be applied when one has gone through the covenant of obligation to take a vow of devotion unto Me.  He also obligates to state his commitment to be willing to sanctify on behalf of his nation and himself. Such is My Requirement that will facilitate all head of states to resolve problems of their countries and nations,  and I would allow to save their nations and make  preparation for their people to evacuate to the new earth.

Truly in this world there is none whose sins I am not punishing. Beware of your deeds,  for if you do sin intentionally,   that sin will turn back to harm you,  for now is the Day of My Punishment.

Pay attention to every difficulty and failure or misery or pain due to suffering from diseases, which are miserable and deplete one’s fortune,  or   a deadlock. It is surely derives from your own wrongdoing.   

Thus, it is better that all people be willing to go through a holy way of life,  for virtuousness will bless you. And if you are the head of state or prominent figure in your country or in the world,  surely your policies and decisions bring great benefit.  And it will   safe you and your country and nation, and I will make a way to the salvation of My Heaven. Thus shun away from intentional misdeed and devote yourself  to truthfulness and welfare and world peace.

As for Heaven that I promised is the new earth, which is still pure and comfy to be inhabited.  Only My Heaven that I will bring closer to this earth,  which  could travel through space,  bringing this earth’s inhabitants to  evacuate  to the new earth in the future. The main outer-space ship of Heaven of Eden has been detected by astronomers in this world. At least it has been monitored by The Telescope Solar Dynamic Observatory, that there is a black spherical object close to the sun  that has attracted their attention. I state that it is My outer-space ship of Heaven of Eden that is as large as this earth, which will carry this earth’s inhabitants to the new earth.

As for the observers from NASA,  they have detected many UFOs’ presence around the sun. I need to inform SOHO (The Solar & Heliospheric Observatory)  that those are the angels’ UFOs that will be useful to bring the inhabitants of this earth to be evacuated gradually to the main outer-space ship,  Heaven of Eden, which is larger,  before these people are dispatched to the new earth later on. Thus is My Promise,  which will soon be carried out.

And wait for the coming of the Archangel Jibril who will make an effort to arrange and organize My Salvation. But before that, he will conduct God’s Court of Justice and purify  all countries and nations, and even all inhabitants of this earth,  thus they are proper to be saved through My Heaven.”

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Revelation and His Vow of God’s Court of Justice upon all head of states, statesmen, as well as religious prominent figures in the world.

Jakarta, August 30, 2015