Hereby, We announce that Eden’s funder is now just Arifin Djauhari, since Elfa Diasmara was fired by XL and forced to state his resignation from XL. The dismissal of Elfa Diasmara is connected to the Eden’s statement stating Elfa as the funder of Eden. As for XL, it wills not their company’s name be related to Eden, whereas Eden by any format never mentions XL in Eden Website and we have no interest in mentioning it.

Related to that matter, God states it is fine that there is no company that wills their company’s name is related to Eden. There is no function of XL for Eden at all, except Elfa Diasmara as a person who worked as an employee there, and his salary was donated to Eden. But XL has violated human’s right and freedom of belief and has restricted one’s social activities and faith through its authority upon its employee.

As for Elfa Diasmara has no bad record or made mistake to XL company, except he believes in Eden’s Teaching. Even for the sake of his covenant with God in Eden, he has solved a case where there was a third party that made use the IT system imperfection of XL and intentionally framed XL costumer up so they lost their phone credit without realizing it and disserved the consumer. Although the fraud was just done bit-by-bit and unrealized by the consumer, but if the victims were a large number of people, then the profit was very huge.

 The comparison of Elfa Diasmara’s career and devotion unto XL and his total faith in Eden actually has no relation, for during his work in his office he still did his job well and never discussing Eden’s Teaching with his fellow employee, since belief is a personal matter especially Eden doesn’t recruit any member. Eden Community just obliges to convey God’s Mandates and His Revelations.

We will not state our self as mass organization that looks for mass nor a sect that recruits followers. And it is not possible for us to impose Eden’s teaching to the public. For we only deal with God’s Revelation that is being descended down and take responsibility unto God or public. Even though we declare God’s fatwa related to the unification of all religions, that is the Most Omnipotence Right of God.

Regarding Eden’s funding that should be 100 percent halal and only through donation of Eden’s member who has a commitment to live holy forever, thus the dismissal of Elfa by XL becomes important.

Therefore this matter is now in God’s hand, and is prioritized as a case that will be handled by Him. And unto the public we bring forward this God’s Statement to see God’s Court of Justice that is being held  by Him nowadays.