Cost saving is not only through simplifying the worship rituals, but there will be unification of religious feast days.
God’s Day is the religious feast day, which is centralized on the beginning of the New Year, that is on January 1, which all this time is universally celebrated by the entire world’s population.
Welcoming the New Year is mentioned as God’s Day so the entire human beings worship piously at that time to celebrate the awaiting of God’s Words that will be descended down to accompany the celebration of the waiting for New Year.
As for, focusing on celebration of feast day for all religious adherents on the beginning of the year will automatically eliminate other religious feast days.
Consequently, it can lessen religious holidays of various religions, which has prolonged and caused economic impact such as inflation, since prices raise on every moment prior to religious big feast days.
So it has caused the decrease of productivity since there are too many prolonged holidays. This can also solve all problems related to the hectic flow of homecoming.
Verily, the joy of celebrating religious feast day and long holidays has made all people force themselves to look better in showing their successful life.
Homecoming has become a showcase of successor forced as a success. And then this habit brings impact on the flaring up of crimes on the days prior to the feast day.