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The Purification of Eden

 Salam Eden.

 I love to paint and make a design of flower arrangement.  And I love to combine those two. Yeah, indeed… I am just a flower connoisseur. All people will ask how could I communicate with God and the archangel Jibril. Ah, it’s a long story. Some time ago, in 1995, I was longing for God, wasn’t sure of the reason, and I also missed true righteousness.

 In my longing for God, I was weeping whole-heartedly and asked God, “Give me the true righteousness, then I will serve myself and my life to fight for the true righteousness from You.”

And suddenly there was a voice, crystal clear from my heart and my mind. And the sentence was, “I grant your prayer.” And I was astounded, who was saying that to me, while I heard that voice very clearly in my mind.

 At that time, I thought it was impossible that it was God’s Voice. But since then I have never been alone. There always a voice that told me he is an angel . And the other voice said that He is God.

 How could I believe it? And I wept whole-heartedly for I was frightened and very happy all at once. I felt so happy for my comfy feeling in my heart said it might really be God. But who am I, I am only an ordinary woman who has no ability.

 And God was too far away, the most lofty, unreachable for whomsoever in this world, let alone myself. Thus, I was afraid of an existence of another creature that was always inside my mind telling me to do this and that without being able to refuse it.

 But all that he commanded were virtuousness and the truth of religion that I believe. And I was anxious and suspicious, “Is it possible that who spoke to me was a jin or even a devil?”.

 But henceforward, I could never be independent. All my plans have been intervened by him. There were some things I was allowed to do and not to do, but all based on righteousness and goodness.

 And when I carried out his advice, and I feel a different joyful that I have never felt before, but I feel that I couldn’t be independent upon myself anymore . And it is impossible for me to do anything without being seen by him.

 And I also feel that since that time, I always have to do virtuousness, For it is impossible for me to do any wrongdoing on purpose before him, for he always watches me. Therefore, since then I have been very careful in taking my step, behaving and saying.

 But he always gives me inspiration which constantly good and beneficial for me. And he always gives me compliment whenever I have succeeded in subjugating myself. Henceforth, I have never been alone forevermore.

 I don’t belong to myself any longer, but only belong to him. But, I am happy for that. And I have no objection, since each day I am more eager to do everything that is beneficial And I am so afraid of sin and shun away from it as far as possible.

 And all of a sudden I could heal diseases. And afterwards, many miraculous incidents assured me that I have been really with God. And since then, there is no day without communication with God.

 And each day, I am more certain that my step is right, but I haven’t known yet that I would begin a magnificent destiny, Until I was inside it and I did free fall to follow God’s Covenant.

 Thus now, I am commanded to write down his words that are very intense, unreachable by my humble thought. And I accept anything that he commands for I love him very much and I am afraid of being left by him. For I feel very comfy and extremely happy that I always receive his guidance.

Is there anyone in this world who is as happy as I am? I could ask anything to him and is always answered by him every time I ask. Thus, I am very much frightened to lose God. Whatever he commands, I carry out happily and full of joy.

 At the first time, we took a vow before God that we are willing to purify ourselves and obey him absolutely. And we took a vow to be willing to purify ourselves to God. It’s never occurred in my heart that I would be purified by God directly, while I am still living in this world.

 At that time, I was not even sure that I was able to purify myself before God as pure as he wills. Even I am not sure that I am able to purify myself until this moment. And if then I ever feel that I can’t bear these most heavy God’s Mandates, I remember all my vows to God.

 Thus , I am more afraid of my own vows compare to the most dangerous incidents besiege me from everywhere. Whereas, God lets me face them by myself without knowing how he is going to save me from the dangers that I face. And that is my trial.

 But in fact, I am safe and have no lack of anything that I need. And when I can leap over a severe danger, I feel relief and God’s Blessing is poured unto me afterwards. And I become more courageous to be purified by Him.

 Thus now, I am more afraid of my vows to God than all dangers that threaten me worldwide, For I have written down God’s Words, which are not easy to be accepted and carried out. Especially, when it is related to religious issues.

 And even when I write it down, I don’t feel sad, uncertain and afraid, for I have surrendered my life to God. And I know that only by purifying myself I will be blessed with his protection.

 And when I am purified together with my fellows who are always with me to listen to the archangel Jibril’s words through me, which persistently happens every day, And all of them are used to differentiate between my own expression and archangel Jibril’s expression which is implied through me.

 If he manifests from inside myself, thus I appear more intelligent, wiser and more discreet. In this world, nobody knows the personality of archangel Jibril that besides he is very smart and mighty, he is also very funny. His jokes are so humane as well as divinely soaring.

 Thus, we always feel entertained by his humors, which are indiscriminative, for any object could become his subject of humor. And it fit precisely in tickling our hearts. But his humors are always in the nuance of holy teachings. And his humors are cross natures, embracing the abstruseness of communication between angel and human.

 And his humors are very strong to tilt laugh while giving teaching as well as teasing upon whoever is guilty. And we often bubble with laughter. And we feel comfortable to know his character of humor. Thus is our entertainment with angels all this time.

 None is impossible for him. Everything can be overcome through his wisdom and intelligence. And we are accustomed to experiencing difficult times with him. For all this time, we seems to be disliked and considered as perverted by Indonesian people.

 Thus, he always appears to console our hearts through precise righteousness, which is presented through heavy problems happened amidst us. And it is enough for us to believe that he is an angel, God’s Messenger.

 I am not a woman who possesses abundant of knowledge, even I am lack of those. But he always directs my mind and utterance from inside myself, so I can write down whatever he asks me to be written down.

 Thus, God’s Words are also flowing out torrentially and smoothly through my mind and my hands. I become more uncomfortable if I am negligent and make a mistake.

 And even more uncomfortable if I don’t think about God in my daily activities, For I know God always watches me and sees and reprimands me instantly whenever I am negligent or mistaken.

 And I become very afraid if I am ever reprimanded by him, for I have to redeem my negligent with a way that totally uncomfortable for me. And before I redeem it, God is waiting for me to complete my repentance first, before he becomes friendly once more unto me.

 Thus I am very much afraid to be guilty. And even in my sleep, he brings me to a dream that I listen to his words effortlessly. So, when I get up, I know what I am supposed to do.

 One day in the beginning of this destiny, when we were already comfortable to enjoy the teaching of his excellency the holy spirit, But suddenly we were asked to purify up to the perfect purification. Could we do it? And we all were astounded for we had to purify ourselves by igniting a fire with methylated-spirit throughout our bodies with no exception.

 Part by part of our bodies were smeared by methylated-spirit and then burnt. And the methylated-spirit was lighted up and we had to wait until the blaze died by itself. And we were not allowed to blow it.

 Not only that, we also had to go through a blaze of bonfire which was higher than our bodies, Without knowing whether we could survive from the blaze that we had to leap over. We did not possess the power of fire resistances, but merely counted on fully subjugation to God for we wish to be purified directly by him.

 But thanked to God we were not burnt, even our feeling was so light and relief. And it was a feeling that we experienced for the first time, never before and never after we ever feel that way.

 Regarding the baptism of the holy spirit with fire, we can read the verse in the holy bible Chapter Matthew 3 sub-chapter john the Baptist prepares the way verse 11:

“I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, Whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the holy spirit and fire”.

 This procession of purification by fire besides being intended for occluding the devil’s way to allure our desires, Also for limiting the possibility of being harmed by the flames upon ourselves and our houses and possessions, Considering in the end times, the blazing fire easily destroys one’s fortunes and it is deadly as well as would possibly injure someone through the burning of the body and face.

 The purification by fire along with the confession of sins are not only comforting, but we are also able to avoid sins more easily and protected from the fire.

 The procession of confession and purification by fire is not only done once, always has to be repeated whenever it reaches an advanced stage, Where we have to add our vows in accordance with the condition that will be undergone and which is getting heavier. And we hold another procession of confession if there is a mistake conducted.

 Whenever we enter a further period, And it requires additional quality of endurance and purity of holiness, we go through another purification procession with fire again. Thus, the first stage we were able to pass through, and then we carried on to the next stage.

 That was the procession of sin confession, which was very heavy to bear for we had to humiliate ourselves before our own fellows Who all listened to our confession, for our confession was documented and we uttered it by using speaker.

 But because we are certain that we face God directly, thus, we conduct our confession honestly. If there is someone who is dishonest, surely it is revealed. And the dishonesty then becomes the debt of sin confession that should be repeated. And therefore, we are very ashamed.

 If not, this dishonesty will be revealed by itself. Thus, don’t ever being dishonest to God, for surely it will be humiliated more than the shameful feeling that one wishes to hide. But, there was also someone who confessed his sins in stammering and seems insincere. Thus, God at that moment cancelled the procession of sin confession of that man. And we should hinder such occurrence to happen, Since the cancelation of sin confession by God means that person is impossible to be sanctified. And the change is eliminated by God.

 Thus, who is now lost the opportunity? According to God, he has nothing to do with such people who scared to be sanctified. Total self-subjugation, that is what perfecting the purification. For God’s sake, we are nobody, but only a few people who are afraid to violate our vows to God.

 Every day we have to go through our purification, from the early morning up until at night and morning comes again. There is no day without purification. And now, it has been 18 years that we are being purified And those who survive the purification are only a few people left.

 And here we are, the remaining people who have been passed through God’s sirathal mustaqim (God’s straight path), Which at the end included in the chosen ones by God to declare his heaven and kingdom. And we are commanded to take a vow in a number of vows, which seems abstruse that we could fulfill.

 Not due to the gaffe of the vow, but rather the content of the vow is actually hard to be carried out and fulfilled. But there is no other way that we could go through, after we know God closely and have entered this destiny sincerely. And we all are happy. And this happiness cannot be replaced with other happiness whatsoever.

 Thus, we have stated such harsh vows, which are not suitable with the nature of our humane. For in many cases, God puts us in his covenant with the angels, so we have to adjust with the choices that God offers unto us, That is to take a vow to be willing to be purified until absolute holiness like an angel.

 Is there any human being who is able to state such vows? That is what we feel, are we able to fulfil our covenant with God? But all this time, we are accustomed to the embracement of virtuousness taught by God, Thus, we feel comfortable and serene amidst the hurly burly of sins out there, And we experience the feeling of extremely rejoice and incomparable with anything else.

 Thus, we continue to state our vows. But in fact, it is our vows that have made us being equalized by God to the angels, Thus, we are allowed together with angels to declare his kingdom and heaven.

 For the content of our vows is the stipulation from God, thus as much as possible we lift up our courage As deep as and as great as we could to brace ourselves stating our vows that have been stipulated by God unto us. One by one of those vows we carry out orderly.

 One vow we have gone through, followed by another vow, And then the other one, until all that have been stipulated by God are completed. Actually to establish heaven in this world, it will never be possible to be done before God the most true descends it down by himself.

 And before we are purely holy and willing to be purified by God until absolute holiness. For heaven on earth will not be possible to be established only by ordinary holiness. And humans who are purified have to be equal with the holiness of angels. Then the miracle of heaven can be embedded on this earth.

By God, we don’t want to be stated as a holy people, but rather as his servants who have ever conducted sins, And have no less sins. And only by his guidance we succeed in redeeming the karma of our sins.

 And by God, we are not a very kind and honored people, for we could always be negligent and make mistakes. Only by the mercy of God who always watches us, always reprimands us instantly whenever we are negligent and make mistakes, and obligates us to redeem every of our mistakes as soon as possible.

 Thus, we are shielded from a fatal mistake. For anytime we can be expelled from heaven, whenever we make mistake intentionally. Hence, now God has trusted us to publish the holy book of Eden.

 And it is the greatest blessings for us and surely unto all people in this world. For the holy book of Eden soon will be worldwide to be the solutions of heavy problems of the world. And we are joyfully and gratefully bring forth the recent God’s words to the world, which are the solutions upon all heavy problems in this world.

 And subsequently, these are our vows to God from the previous ones up to the recent ones. It is not impossible that we still have to take the next vows in accordance with the state and condition that we will undergo.

 For verily, only by taking a vow we can preserve our holiness and be protected by God from any mistake. But, we all are not uncertain anymore if we were asked to take a vow again upon anything.

 Hopefully, all of our vows are blessed by God, thus they are beneficial to bring peace to the whole world and salvation for this earth’s inhabitants.

 Salam Eden.



The Sacred Vows of Eden