The Declaration of The Day of God’s Power For The Sake of Sanctification of All Human beings in The World Through God’s Stipulation Upon The Mystical Missing of Haram (Illicit) Money

An Open Letter of The Holy Spirit For Mass Media

In the Name of God The Almighty
Who Is Adjudicating Haram (Illicit) Money In the Whole World

We, the Messengers of God, regretfully have to convey God’s Stipulation to take away mystically haram money in the whole world. This God’s Stipulation is established today, on the 20th of June 2015. As for this God’s Stipulation, it should be heeded with pure heart, that on the Day of His Court of Justice and on the Day of His Judgement in this end times, from the time of the Sangkakala Trumpet has been sounded in the nature and which has also been delivered through Eden, thus the heaviest God’s Stipulation is enacted, that is the Mystical Missing of Haram (Illicit) Money in the entire world.

Regarding this matter, it has been stated by God based on His Most Sacred and Most Sacrosanct Vow, as in the document attached.

Thank You,

Eden Community

    In the Name of God The Almighty and The Only One

We are commanded to deliver God’s Statement regarding God’s Stipulation upon His Declaration of the mystical missing of haram money. That one of God’s Stipulation in His Salvation and His Sanctification upon the nations and all human beings in this world is through the mystical missing of haram money, which its prophecy has been written inside the Holy Bible Chapter Revelations 3 verse 3, as follows:

The Holy Bible, Chapter Revelations 3 verse 3:

Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.

We have revealed God’s Statement in that verse in order to prepare the world public upon the Plan of God, Who will soon apply His Stipulation. In every weighty Stipulation of Him, certainly there is a strong foundation behind it. What is aimed by God is the sanctification for all human beings, so they could be saved to Heaven, and could be elevated and evacuated to the new earth, considering this earth is processing toward the doomsday. And this is the most precise way and could be ascertained will succeed in eradicating crimes and haram money.

If God’s Stipulation is implemented, thus it could be assured that the world economy will worsen. All nations without exclusion will undergo the impact of liquidity shortage and later on it will turn into deflation.

Suppose that it is regretted as God’s controversial Act, then actually what is more appropriate to be regretted is the domination of haram money that spreads many harms. It should be believed that all haram money certainly bring harms. And the harms of that haram money are the spread of crimes and sins, and later on are indicated to become disasters and accidents, diseases, and the fortunes that will be all gone. If that fact wouldn’t be admitted, don’t blame God Who has promised that all sins will absolutely have sanction of retribution.

In this end times exist The Day of His Court of Justice and The Day of His Judgement, which the application is explained through the factual condition of The Day of His Power. And if The Day of God’s Power and The Day of His Judgement are applied through the mystical missing of haram money in the world, surely that matter could be understood and supposedly it could be accepted as God’s Sanctification.

God’s Absoluteness to carry out His Judgement through the mystical missing of haram money should be regarded as recovering the world’s security and peacefulness of which at this time undergoing the flaring up of brutal violence of crimes in every line of people’s life in the whole world.

However, we should believe the implementation of God’s Judgement that every sin undoubtedly has its law of retribution. And every retribution of sin should be equal, thus what is equivalent to the sin of haram money is the suffering felt by everyone who experiences the mystical missing of his haram money after enjoying the life with haram money, which is surely obtained through crimes that cause suffering or harms to other people.

The spread of crime through haram money is calculated in a geometric sequence, which is never regretted, for they are accustomed to live with haram money in order to be rich and indulge themselves in the hedonism life style. As haram money exists in all layers of society and it is unavoidable since it has already become a common practice and it is left unconsidered as sin and haram that actually should be shunned away and eradicated. Corruption and bribery have already become an eligible system that could no longer be eliminated or changed.

Therefore, properly, it is God Who shall change the condition. And there is no other way except eliminating haram money and through the stipulation to aggravate the harms of haram money, that is through the lost of all fortunes caused by the fire, accident and disaster or through serious illness that drain the fortunes, and elimination of haram money through the mystical missing of the money from its safe deposit.

For that purpose, God has specifically stipulated to implement the missing of haram money mystically through the digital system of transaction of the money market and capital market or to block haram money during the clearing process between banks or during fund transfer and through ATM.

As for haram money or haram fortunes and securities kept in the bank vault and the safe deposit box, those are also not safe from the mystical missing, and from the experience of mystical missing that befall on people, then they are streaked as the owner of haram money, and they are then included in the black list. Thus, sooner or later they will be isolated from the businessmen circle. Regarding the haram money resulted from prostitution, I consider it is proper that their money be mystically missing. The elimination of adultery sins will be established through the mystical missing of money amongst them.

Advance technology is also utilized by God and His Officials to span the harms of the mystical missing of haram money systematically and globally. Therefore, the integration of the system of the flow of money and stock transaction could be utilized by God to cleanse the world from haram money through the system of globalization. The substantial shock in money market and stock market will affect the world economic system, which inevitably will force people to focus on protecting the flow of money from the danger of the harms of haram money.

The harm of haram money will be severely frightening for it is always threatened by the mystical missing and the harms of retribution upon the haram money that intentionally aggravated by God, and as the total lost of fortunes through accidents, disasters, fires, and diseases that are gnawing and emptying one’s fortunes, or through bankruptcy and insolvency.

God always knows the amount of haram money on a certain financial transaction. Actually, He is The Most Knowing of the haram money possessed by everyone. Therefore, He just eliminates some amount of haram money included in the flow of money transaction or the money that is kept in the safe deposit. He is The Most Knowing on how halal (legitimate) or how haram (illicit) is the money in one’s account, thus what is eliminated is just the amount of the haram money, and He will not touch or deduct the halal money. Even the halal money is protected from robbery, stealing, and the disaster of losing all fortunes.

Therefore, be known of the nature of The Most Knowing of God through the act of mystical missing of haram money. The flow of haram money could only be stopped through the deletion of data, and it is in line with the mystical missing of haram money from the safe deposit box or from the other money storages.

Thus, actually God in His Court of Justice and Judgement, He involves Himself in advanced technology of modern man. The elimination of haram money through mastering the technology utilized in the financial and economic system is the way that could embrace the level of occupancy of haram money by God in the whole world.

As for that last God’s Stipulation, undoubtedly it will shake the world economy, but it will be beneficial in making people in this world realize to stop involving with haram money and shift to earn halal money, for it is safe from the elimination conducted by God.

Therefore, God’ Sanctification for the entire nations will be responded well since all people know that God watches meticulously the attitudes and actions of all human beings in this world without exclusion. And The Almightiness of God is assured to be acknowledged by all people in this world. Thus, God’s Court of Justice and God’s Judgement are carried out by God thoroughly and humankinds then realize there is God Who wishes for human beings to repent and sanctify for the sake of His Salvation.

 Most Sacred and Sacrosanct Vow of God

I take a vow that I will not end the mystical missing of haram money in the world before all countries and nations in the world respond unto this My Stipulation with a good and right stance. That all countries in the world should be willing to enact legal stipulation that obligates their people not to earn a haram living and force them to utilize halal money. Therefore, they should establish an open system of restriction against haram money in every country. And I shall only end the mystical missing of money upon the country that has applied the holy system and civilization.

And I involve not anybody in this world, when I ensure that I shall conduct the mystical missing of haram money in the whole world. And I am The Almighty to judge the haram money and all the sins. And this is My Judgement unto all people who possess haram money, that is the money obtained from crimes and corruption. Be understood that the mystical missing of the haram money has been written in the Holy Bible Chapter Revelations 3 verse 3 that has been mentioned on the above and now I am just completing the covenant, for the sake of sanctification of all people in the world and cleaning the world from haram money.

Be known that My Heaven is free of haram money. And holy people who declare My Heaven receive not any benefit from the mystical missing of haram money, which I will implement soon. Heaven is untouched by haram money. And the Archangel Jibril I will not allow to fund all of his activities in this world by utilizing the haram money that I take away.

And he will come to call out all nations to fix the system that already in a mess and chaos. And he will not reduce My Stipulation. And the Archangel Jibril is not able to make qualification of haram money utilization, so the money will not be mystically missing.

My Stipulation is absolutely established in the angelic law and in implementing the defense of the Heaven’s holiness that is real in the human’s world. Therefore actually, all haram money that I take away I destroy them so they could not be utilized for anything. All difficulties as the impact of that mystical missing of haram money will become each man’s consequence who is involved in the utilization of that haram money. The money yielded from drugs and criminal action as well as terrorism fund I shall end by eliminating their money, through various incidents of judgement that will bring them to become powerless due to the lack of fund, so their obsession could be fulfilled not.

The condition will recover when an agreement is attained by all parties, that the economic activities no longer willing to receive haram money. Therefore, there is no other way, except all parties are obligated only to utilize halal money. If there is anybody dares to violate My Covenant, then his her business will face obstacle and lost without gaining any profit.

And if there is any party who experiences panic due to the obstacle or difficulty he faces, then do introspection to know where his mistake is, and promptly correct the mistake, and I ascertain that afterwards his business will be running in blessing. Hence, all people in the world will be wary to earn a haram living. And all countries should forcefully improve their financial condition and system by following My Stipulation.

And it could be done by refusing the money that is suspected to come from crimes. When that rule is consistently and responsibly applied, then the spread of haram money could definitely be eliminated. And crimes will diminish drastically in this world.

Verily, this My Statement is unexpected. And I need to prove it, as it should be seen as soon as My Declaration has been announced. To live holy with halal money is not difficult, for My Blessing I will bestow to people who are willing to live holy and not to touch haram money, certainly I will widen the opportunity of their earnings and I make them noble. And they who oppose the mystical missing of haram money ask: “Could God identify the haram money in the society, and how to select haram money amidst the society?

Thus, I state that the regulation system of money acquisition, it is better not to utilize cash money, so I will segregate the haram out of the halal money. And the customary to use credit card could be used in the selection of haram money, that is when they want to buy something by using their credit card, at the moment the card is swiped, it will be declined. Same thing will happen if they use debit card, then when the card is swiped, it cannot be utilized.

As for the transaction agreement in a large-scale amount, and which is going through a clearing system between domestic and international banks, it is not impossible to experience the mystical missing of money and My Intervention upon the financial electronic data between banks. Thus, the clearing process between banks will not be protected from the mystical missing of haram money. Therefore, on every transactional agreement, it should enclose the agreement of credibility of the legitimation of the money (halal). Therefore, all transactions of trading and investment, inevitably embrace the agreement of halal money, so it would be safe from mystically missing.

And if there is someone who wants to deceive My Rule, let him be humiliated. For in his account, it is recorded that he experiences the mystical missing of haram money as much as he owns, or the whole amount of transactions that he has made. Therefore, be him humiliated by his own haram money.

And for the sake of carefulness in receiving money, never ignore My Warning, for you are the one who will be the loser. Thus, avoid big loss that is caused by the willingness to receive haram money, since I have warned you that I will destroy haram money in the whole world. And force not to violate My Rule, for I am very sensitive upon the smell of haram money. The angels, whose population is far beyond the number of human beings in this world, swiftly conducting the order of law upon this new Stipulation of Mine. Thus, there is no gap of utilization and ownership of haram money could be slipped off from My Observation. Trust Me!

You should be careful in receiving cash money, mark the potential of haram, as haram money could be suspected through identification of the character of each person and the kind of his livelihoods.

Unto the people, whose the halal of their money is doubted, then grant not them with the requested credit and capital and other guarantees related to the split of profit. However, they could be granted with health and social security.

Protection upon the flow of haram money at the markets and street vendors is difficult to be carried out considering buying and selling at the market could be hindered not from utilization of cash money. As all people are obligated to just utilize halal money in transaction, thus that stipulation should become the law and be protected under the legal umbrella. And the legal umbrella issued by the country is based on My Article of Law upon the mystical missing of haram money.

All countries should realize the effect of mystical missing of haram money that will consistently be implemented by us, until all nations become holy and many of them we could save, and for the sake of the rules and laws of obligatory to do transaction with halal money is obeyed, then the violation of law that utilizes haram money should be reported to the police and processed according to the applied law. Thus, the utilization of cash money at the markets and street vendors will be protected from the flow of haram money through the laws of the obligatory of halal money.

And I ascertain that if there is a vendor and consumer who dare to violate My Rules, thus I ensure that they will naturally be stricken by the harms of haram money. And unto the world society, I state to stop using haram money for within it I place severe harms, following My Policy upon the mystical missing of haram money.

As for the utilization of haram money at the markets and the real sector and street vendors, it is uncontrollable since it could only use cash money, thus I remind you that the harms of haram money I will still apply no matter how much the value that is received or owned.

That is why pay attention to every wretchedness and accident or disaster and disease that you experience, certainly it comes from haram money that you eat or used, thus it is better be willing to be careful and just willing to receive halal money. And unto common people who are related to haram money, I also warn you that I am firm in applying the mystical missing of haram money. Even if the amount is not much, I will still take away mystically the haram money from their pocket or wallet.

As for the terrorism fund that is usually obtained from confiscation, robbery and sales resulted from drugs marijuana and opium, whereas those all are haram, based on that consideration, we will mystically take away their haram money. Without money, they will be weak and not be fierce anymore. Thus, the policy of the mystical missing of haram money will also become the eradication of terrorism.

The money yielded from the crimes of drugs and criminality should be shunned away as far as possible so they will be isolated. However, the mystical missing of haram money that I apply will make them all powerless. Their threat will not endanger anymore, when people’s control is more powerful and the police is swiftly respond to community report. The entire level of society will change its character of habitat after My Sanctification upon the nations I apply meticulously.

Thus, all people will ensure themselves to rise and sanctify themselves, for they have understood that being holy means salvation. And there are angels who actively thwart all the threats and dangers for all people who have committed to be holy, as the guard of the angels upon Heaven and the Messengers of Eden who hold My Mandates which are the heaviest. And We shall prove Our Protection upon people who are willing to shun away from haram money, as in Our Protection upon Eden.

Verily, for this purpose I did the sanctification that humiliated the Messengers of Eden, when they failed to be elevated during Monas incident on May 31, 2015. Thus, the certainty of their endurance of being humiliated by Me and by the public makes Me bring them into a better and more established destiny, that is by commanding them to take responsibility upon this My heaviest Mandate.

As they have been tricked by Me and then they become humiliated. However, when they are still willing to carry out My Mandate with the heaviest risk for them, thus their vow to absolutely obey unto Me, and their belief persistency in Me have been proved unto Me and unto the public.

Therefore, I protect them meticulously for I have deliberately put them in a trial that humiliates them and they turn away not from Me.

This My Stipulation is not the same as taking over the power in the world, but rather only as subjugation that I intentionally conducted in order to make all countries and nations pay their attention unto the Declaration of The Day of My Power and The Day of My Court of Justice and The Day of My Judgement. Thus, My Effort of Salvation will be conducted smoothly.

As for all the impact of those mystical missing of money, it will be transformed to become the control of financial and economic system in the world, and appropriately will be processed to be a halal system only. Thus, My Stipulation upon the mystical missing of haram money I have stated openly unto the world public.

Thus, we have conveyed the Declaration of The Day of God’s Power and its implementation in The Day of His Power through the mystical missing of haram money in the whole world. We would like to thank you for your kind attention.

Jakarta, June 20, 2015

Conveyed by The Archangel Jibril The Holy Spirit

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Written by Lia Eden

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