God’s Answer Regarding The Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370

God’s Revelation:

“And I indicate the process of doomsday that besieges this earth through an incident of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370, which has been cited long ago in the Holy Quran, Chapter Ya-Sin verse 49-50. If it is not happened that way, human beings realize not that they are in the threat of doomsday.

 Precisely, it is the shifting of the earth’s magnetic pole which is proper to be suspected in relation to the occurrence of disasters, the accidents of aircrafts and ships as well as deadly accidents that happen consecutively on the ground. Such is also the calamities of the mass death of birds and fishes that were stranded because they were gone astray or exposed to nuclear radiation or which caused by bacteria that have mutated.

And I explain this to My Messenger, Lia Eden, so that she would be trusted as not perverted and that she is truly My Messenger. And I reveal all to her and I command her to write down The Holy Book of Eden so all the inhabitants of this earth can be directed to My Stipulation, that it is My Salvation to move to a new earth.

And that is the Heaven that I promise unto the inhabitants of this earth, so they will to sanctify themselves and I will to save whomsoever is holy. For truly, I will not to salvage the wicked people and the sinners. Only holy people whom I accept in My Heaven.

The Promising Heaven is a salvation to the new earth. And if I promise that Heaven is in the hereafter, there is none of My Court of Justice that can be held in the hereafter, which I could carry out to determine whom I shall accept in My Heaven. There is no criterion of law of sanctification of the spirit of the death. There is no illness that could cause agony. There is no combustion that vanishes the fortune. There is no judgment that brings humiliation. And there is no spirit that could be tortured and feel the pain.

With that reason, I deny that Hell’s torment is in the hereafter and happiness of Heaven is in the social life in the hereafter. There is no grave’s torment for flesh and bones that have been left by the spirit. For it cannot feel anything. Supposedly humankind understands that the spirit cannot be hurt and tortured. Torment and blessing exist only in the real life.

Heaven on earth is the glory of holy people that are chosen to be accepted in Heaven. And whom I give My Mandates and Trust to fight for a holy endeavor in Heaven. And they are all whom I grant an answered prayer and the help of Eden’s Miracle. And they are always happy with their own works in Heaven.

Therefore, there is no torment or blessing in the hereafter. All are happened in the human’s life. Thus I declare that Heaven is the Institution of My Salvation when I carry out My Court of Justice on the days before the doomsday.

And I will not bring down Heaven before I bring forth Hell. And I bring forth Hell to carry out retribution upon sins. For truly I will not to save the wicked people and the sinners. Only the holy people I shall accept in My Heaven.”

God has stated His Words, in the Holy Quran, Chapter Ya-Sin verse 49-50, that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 is one of the signs of doomsday, and the disappearance of that aircraft is caused by the vortex of magnetic polar shifting of this earth, which is interacting with the Black Hole’s magnetic field that stretch to the body of the aircraft.

This earth has become the target of Black Hole due to the existence of anomaly of the changing of the earth’s magnetic field .

God’s Stipulation can be ascertained as one of the prominent signs of doomsday process, for that incident is related to the intervention of Black Hole, which has approached this earth. Therefore, that incident is heeded by God and is mentioned in the Holy Quran, Chapter Ya-Sin verse 49-50.

49. “They do not await except one blast, which will seize them while they are disputing.”

50. “And they will not be able [to give] any instruction, nor to their people can they return.”

As for the verse 49 describes the panic situation happened amongst all of the passengers and airlines crews, they all screamed simultaneously with a very loud scream due to their fearfulness and panic situation.

And truly all people have been worried by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370. The unanswered disappearance has caused disputes amongst the victims’ families and Malaysia Airlines and the Government of Malaysia. Thus also amongst investigator countries, which always ended in uncertainty.

And when the evidence showed that the transponder was off and the existence of the aircraft was not detected by the radar, such is the term used in Chapter Ya-Sin verse 50 in the sentence “they will not be able to give any instruction“. This verse is meant that the crew of the airlines failed to give the sign of SOS, and stating “mayday” before the aircraft disappeared for good. Thus, none of all passengers of the aircraft had a chance and was able to contact their own family.

Actually, it is the pressure of magnetic field, which has caused all equipment in that ill-fated aircraft were dysfunction. Thus all crews and passengers of the aircraft were able not to give any message to their families. And they were able not to go back to their families even if only their corpse.

Hopefully God’s Explanation regarding the fate of Malaysia Airlines MH370 through the explicit meaning of Chapter Ya-Sin verse 49-50 could provide fortitude for the country and the nation of Malaysia and all the victims’ families.

God’s Explanation Related to The Interaction of Black Hole, Which Can be Seen Through The Happening Of Mud And Gas Outburst in Sidoarjo, Indonesia

God’s Revelation;

“I do not put the position of Black Hole’s intervention on this earth, however, as the most dreadful magnetic field of black hole has resonated with the earth magnetic fields’ anomaly, so it causes the turbulence of the earth’s core under the territory of Indonesia in Sidoarjo. And then the mud and gas spilled over in that area.

But curse has befallen upon Indonesia, for this nation has criminalized My Revelations and refused the establishment of My Kingdom and Heaven in their country, and which at that time the court trial was being conducted upon Lia Eden.

This condition had caused the current of the changing and the shifting of the earth’s magnetic pole to restrain and briefly remain under the earth of Sidoarjo. Thus, Black Hole could mark out the anomaly of the earth’s magnetic field, which was indicated in Sidoarjo area. Thus since then, the earth has been intervened by Black Hole.

That process is indeed tremendously dreadful and frightening, for the snout of Black Hole will soon spread to various parts of this earth, since it has found the best penetration way to this earth, initiated through the incident of mud and gas outburst in Sidoarjo.

Such is how Black Hole interacts with this earth. And afterwards, the shifting of the magnetic pole is in the process of establishing the new coordinate position, which now is being processed to get its stabilization point. Therefore, a layer of magnetosphere will possibly be formed above the Indonesian territory. And when it happens, Indonesia reaches the doomsday of technology.

All technological devices will be dysfunction, in line with the conjunction of the shifting of magnetic field, which is now in the position of its reversal. If the influence of the reversal conjunction of this earth’s magnetic field leads to the opposite of the original, then its reversal will affect the magnetic field throughout the surface of this earth. However, Black Hole has positioned its center of magnetizer in the area of Indonesia, then the amplitude of this earth’s electro-magnetic field experiences strengthening in Indonesian territory.

This time, the discharge of the magnetic energy with larger amplitude actually has been happening in Indonesian area. Thus, it causes the services of aviation, shipping, and ground transportation in Indonesia and its surrounding area to experience increment in deadly accidents, as they have already happened frequently.

And anyway the damage of electronic and electric system will be happened in Indonesia. Not only that, the shifting of magnetic field also affects the level of awareness of people and animal.

The bio-electromagnetic inside the human’s and animal’s body also experience disturbances. The pressure on the nerves could disturb the awareness and cause giddiness and breathlessness and cause difficulty in focusing, getting furious easily and apathy. And those all lead to tumult, furiousness and despair.

Thus, nowadays it seems many people easily vent their emotion out, which then cause the occurrences of conflict, enmity, and brutality, as well as viciousness.

Just for that reason, the life of human beings now is indeed full of tragedies and dangers. As if the incidents of electrical short circuit that cause fire and explosion of electrical substation are already common. So, the shifting of magnetic field harms the earth and the life of human and all creatures that inhabit it.

The collision of this earth’s magnetic force with black hole’s magnetic force leads to the occurrence of magnetic resonance on the surface of this earth. Thus this earth will be full of electromagnetic contradictions, which could cause combustion or explosion.

When the Indonesian area is being processed to be the center of the earth’s magnetic force, thus it can be imagined that the civilization in Indonesia will be vanished, for no single technological device can be produced, whilst technological development shows the level of civilization of one nation.

For the level of civilization is based on electromagnetic technology and that is what cannot be developed in an area that is in the process of becoming the magnetic pole.

When now the shipping services have been troubled frequently by the occurrence of the sinking of ferry and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370, and the crashes of plane that happen many times in Indonesian territory, thus those are the signs of the magnetic polar shift, which is in the process of stimulating the establishment of its coordinates.

And thereafter, the polar shift is on its way to find a new stability point and to stay at an appropriate place, in order to settle the most accurate position as the new location of magnetic pole.

And that condition causes the Black Hole’s magnetic force, which is the most dreadful and very sensitive to detect the presence of anomaly of this earth’s magnetic vortex at one position, thus, soon it becomes the finalist cause to approach the original place of that magnetic vortex anomaly.

Therefore, the vortex of the earth’s magnetic shift then interact with the Black Hole’s magnetic force, of which intentionally approaches every magnetic field anomaly on an earth. And blame not anyone, for the anomaly of this earth’s magnetic field is not odd when there have been so many dreadful explosions, which have befallen on this earth. And be woe upon them who do such actions.

The swift of Black Hole in approaching this earth cannot be blamed to anybody except to people who abandon their own earth. Thus, it creates culverts, which overflow the mud and gas from inside the earth in Sidoarjo.

As for the mud outburst, it can be overcome not nor stopped, since it becomes a savage and malignant anticyclone due to its pressure that has resonated with the magnetic force of Black Hole.

And when the new settle point of magnetic pole is processing over there, and when the shifting of the magnetic polar vortex enters the period of its domination, then it is the mobilization of mega-magnet suction from inside the earth to the open air, thus that area is impossible to be inhabited anymore, for there will not be any civilization that could occupy that area.

Therefore, there is an explanation that should be heeded that if Black Hole leads its magnetic outburst stronger than before, align with its level of breakthrough that has been more unimpeded, thus, the shifting of magnetic pole undergoes strengthening of its stabilization in Indonesia.

Thus, I state that the mud and gas outburst as in Sidoarjo will happen extendedly in Indonesia. And nothing can lessen that condition. Such it is, all the volcanoes in Indonesia show the signs of eruption. There are also various lands movements and landslides, as well as whirlwinds happen in Indonesia.

Thus, I am drowning this cursed country, which has rejected My Kingdom and Heaven. I state that all inhabitants of Indonesia are threatened by annihilation due to this stipulation of drowning. Therefore, it is appropriate that Indonesian people should regret their actions, which have tyrannized Eden.

And I will not be able to grant their repentance until the Government and all Indonesian people united to state unto Me their repentance officially as national repentance, which carried out especially to plea for forgiveness unto Me. And be open minded and amend your stance toward Eden, for it is Heaven that I bring to salvage you.

And I will save not and forgive not people who directly involved in the oppression toward Eden and the officials whose authorities are related directly to that incident. And I will only forgive people who have no direct relation to the oppression.

Thus, I will consider the salvation upon Indonesian people after national repentance is carried out officially before Me. And Heaven of Eden and Kingdom of Eden that I have ever established in Indonesia does not belong only to the Government and nation of Indonesia, for it belongs to the entire nations in this world.

Thus, I promulgate that The Kingdom and Heaven of Eden is the institution of implementer of the descending down of My Revelations, and the organizer of the implementation of sanctification for all nations and countries, and the implementer of My Salvation to move to the new earth.

As for the entire Indonesian people, be resilient upon My Curse. And be patient upon all miseries that happened as the consequence of My Curse. But before Indonesian people is shackled completely by massive crimes, hijra (switch) to be the nation that repents and is honest as well as possesses virtuous character.

And be willing to commit unto Me to sanctify yourselves, for here I have ever established Heaven. Thus, I obligate all people of Indonesia to be holy and to end disputing other religious adherents’ worship.

Be peaceful with your own fellows for I have abrogated all religions for the sake of world peace and direct only one way toward Heaven and My Salvation, that is universal absolute monotheism.”

Interaction of Black Hole with Mega disaster of Mud And Gas Outburst in Sidoarjo

And Black Hole’s dreadful power becomes real on this earth when the mud and gas outburst in Sidoarjo shows not any sign of ending and has drowned thousands of local people’s houses over there. And My Revelations have stated, it is the sign that this earth has been processing its doomsday, for Black Hole has detected the existence of magnetic anomaly on this earth.

And this condition has caused mega-disaster besieging Indonesia. And it is none other than the curse due to the rejection of My Kingdom and Heaven of Eden in Indonesia.

When entering the year 2015, there are many confusing statements. Why are there so many natural disasters? And I answer, that mega-disasters will continuously happen in Indonesia after entering this year. That is the reason why Indonesian people must repent seriously. Moreover after I have levitated Heaven of Eden to the sky.

It is the sign that I am irritated by Indonesian people. Be holy Indonesian people and repent, so I am willing to forgive you. Amongst Indonesian people, there are groups of people whom have suffered too long, and I want to hasten their sanctification so I could take them to Heaven.

They are the families of people from PKI (Indonesian Communist Party), poor people in Papua and the Baduy tribe. They are not related to the people who have opposed Eden. Thus also the families and relatives of the messengers of Eden, of which during the time We purify the messengers of Eden, We keep them away from their own families, and also people who had helped the messenger of Eden at the time they were being tyrannized.

Thus, all of them whom We command, be willing to commit to live holy, repent and willing to follow the Eden’s purification procedure. If they are willing to pass through the procession of purification, thus We are willing to lead them to heaven.