The Doomsday

(Mahoni, 11 Agustus 1998 – Disempurnakan 15 Maret 2014)

When the night comes you are here
When I wake up you are around me
When the sun shines you are still here
Be my guest, Jibril

Lia, I’ll never give you the reason to say goodbye
Cause I’m silent without your tounge
I am a stranger in human life

So help me talk to them
or teach me how to smell roses
Surabaya to Jakarta, I cut the distance
I pull out the time,
No one can reach me
But I can reach people anywhere

Lia, Lia …
I am going to come down
Cause the earth is approaching doomsday
We are together now

We smell roses for forgiveness and purity
Washington to Moscow, I cut the distance
Then we’ll celebrate world peace
No one can interfere me
But I can reach people anywhere

Jibril, Jibril
Your coming cause the earth is shivering
Too many people will die
When the nuclear outburst
Magnificent boom will bring us to the doomsday

How long it would be, Jibril?
May, July in the 2057
Vaya con dios fertility
Earth quakes, storm, flood are taking place everywhere

God’s blessing is decending down
The earth is pallor
So what God’s blessing you’ve denied
Fa bi ayyi aalaa I rabbikumaa tukadzdzibaan