Greetings from Eden, greetings of love, may God bless you.

To all dear friends and the public, we would like to apologize because it is only now that we are able to announce the news of the passing of Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden. That is because back then, we were still carrying out her funeral ceremony.

Hereby, we would like to explain what happened in the moments before her passing, so that the public can get the official explanation from us.

On Thursday afternoon, April 8, 2021, we were still chatting and working with Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden, tidying up and cleaning the garden in front of the house. Through the evening until 9:30 PM, some of us were still in her room. And by the time we left the room, she was still in good health.

However, on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 5.30 AM, when we entered her room, we were shocked to see her unconscious on her bed. Her feet were cold and there was no pulse in her hand, but we could still detect the pulse on the top of her head.

We immediately called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. When the ambulance from DKI (Government of Jakarta) arrived, the paramedics soon took out their equipment to check her condition following the procedure of patient handling. The DKI ambulance paramedics stated that Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden, our beloved one, whom we hold in high esteem, was already gone.

We asked the ambulance to take Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden to the hospital. But the paramedics could not take her because the ambulance service is not for those who have already passed away. We then took her to the hospital ourselves, to St. Carolus Hospital.

We headed straight to the ER. With a quick response, the officers immediately took her to be examined by the doctor on duty. The hospital then issued a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death on April 9, 2021, at 07:45 AM Jakarta time.

According to her doctor at St. Carolus Hospital, her cause of death was a stroke (this is the 2nd time, because previously she had a mild stroke at the end of October 2020. But since then, she had been gradually recovering).

Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden is the Queen of Heaven. We, the Eden Community, are her spiritual children who have never been prepared to lose her. But she always told us, if she were to die, she wanted her body to be cremated and her ashes to be scattered over the sea so she would become one with the universe, so there will be no physical trace left. This is so in order to avoid the deification of her in the future, including the veneration of her grave. That was her message to us when she was still alive.

From the hospital, we immediately took her body to Grand Heaven Funeral Home, in Pluit (North Jakarta), and laid her there until the time for her to be cremated on Monday, April 12, 2021, at 10:10 PM. After that, we scattered the ashes over the open sea.

The funeral of Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden at Grand Heaven Funeral Home

To the extended family of Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden, we, the Eden Community, would like to express our infinite gratitude for having let us fulfil her message of carrying out the funeral procession and the send-off.

Now, her physical body is no longer with us. However, we believe that God has united the spirit of Her Majesty the Great Queen Lia Eden with His Majesty the Great King the Holy Spirit who will work with us in the spirit.

Her Majesty Mother Lia Eden, the Queen of Heaven, has completed the Holy Books of Heaven (5 volumes of books titled Theology for Pancasila, a book titled Theory of Everything From God, and several other writings). And that is the most precious legacy that she has left. Our duty is to take care of, preserve, and carry out her teachings.

After her passing, then God’s Revelation in Eden is ended. Now, none of us in Eden Community are given the authority to receive God’s revelation. We believe that His Majesty the Great King the Holy Spirit and Her Majesty the Great Queen Lia Eden will always accompany and guide our way to establish Heaven of Eden, that is full of peace on this Earth, for all people and any beliefs that are based on the belief in the One and Only God.

Greetings from Eden,

Eden Community
April 13, 2021