puisi 04

My tears blush not for being calumniated
My handkerchief isn’t dry either from the weep of being calumniated
I am bored being calumniated
And I’ve had enough

Too many calumnies I should refute
What should I do to make me clean
And could be seen as not guilty
If seems everybody doesn’t want to see that I am innocent

Like global warming that causes drought to my homeland
Like the haze that hinders the view

I want to run away from calumniators
So I could live in peace
Sadly, I can’t go away from it

It takes a long time
And the truth that is long and incessant
Till the longest keeps getting longer
Till the length is uncertain where to end

Then I try to stand in the midst of calumnies
When I realize it is actually withering
I am now waiting for a certain truth
That I could use to defeat the calumny that has withered