puisi 20

What happen to chayote dish in the cabinet?
It stimulates not my appetite
It means Etty only cooks simple dish for saving

Indonesia is besieged by the haze
Hajj pilgrimages in Mecca have a lot of ordeals
Then if we just eat sauteed chayote and fried tofu
It’s okay, isn’t it?

Come on, don’t simplify haram money
It is too risky to become diseases and dangers

All desires disappeared
Seeing someone cries for he can’t eat
Some are hard to breathe in the haze
Some are stricken by crane or fire

My stance become clumsy
Because I like to eat delicious food
But I have to enjoy whatever served by Etty
Shouldn’t I appreciate the saving done by Etty?

And I am able to persuade my heart
To get used to eat sauteed chayote with tofu
My ordeal is just that simple
It’s okay, isn’t it?