Be Peaceful The World
(Mahoni, 16 November 1997 – Disempurnakan pada 8 Mei 2014)

By the way, in this world an ass is an ass
In this world bargaining is not just a promise
In this world I’m gonna sweep away the brutality
Ooooohh … world, by the way

You’re gonna attack me, you’re gonna surround me
or you’re gonna get along with me, que sera sera!
I write this song for human
I write this song for the righteousness
Oooooohh … looking for me for justice

Nobody wants to be judged, but I will
No problem, poor or rich country if you want to make peace
Power, force and all threatens, I am not afraid
Anger, crime, lie, cruelty and all dirty minds are hell

Arabian, Jewish, American and Russian be in peace
Heaven avoids war and nuclear
No language if you want heaven
Don’t be in conflict anymore
And don’t threaten each other anymore

So I will give you guidance
I am an angel, I’ll still be an angel
Ooohh angel, angel

Either ghost or devil is always surrounding human
It is a must for you to communicate with angel
People oh people
People oh people
Jump to me, hold my hand please!
People, angel unite together…