1. The Doomsday (song)
  2. God’s Answer Regarding The Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH370 [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  3. God’s Explanation Regarding Sinkhole [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  4. God’s Explanation Regarding Sea of Blood, River of Blood and Rain of Blood [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  5. God’s Explanation Regarding the Rains of Fishes, Frogs, Worms and Meats [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  6. God’s Explanation Regarding the Snout Hole of Black Hole in Latvia and in The Forest of Lousiana [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  7. The Phenomenon of Methane Discharge from The Everlasting Frozen Layer (Permafrost) and Gas Outburst in Indonesia and Various Areas in the World [English / Bahasa Indonesia]
  8. The Tears of Eden (poem & song)