Quantum Theory inclines toward the abstraction, when the provision upon infinity is reckoned to be non-nominal, but succeed to create something that is real. But, it is the distinction of The Miraculous Natures of God. Human’s technology has not yet able to do it.

Quantum Theory is described to be able to reach the imagination of science, which in the awareness, something can be seen disappear and appear in other place, or ones can find themselves appear in two places at the same time.

It was in 1995, when I intended to draw Lia Eden’s attention to fully enter my world, I stroke her attention through my letters that really flew down from non-existence. And I dropped them before her and her family. That incident actually has been intended to reveal the veiling meaning of Chapter Al An’aam verse 7.

Chapter Al An’aam verse 7, :

“And even if we had sent down to you a written scripture on a page and they touched it with their hands, the disbelievers would say, “This is not but obvious magic”.

Thus, the verse implicitly has cited the happening of the flying down of my letters for Lia. That very miraculous and unexpected incident, indeed was successful in drawing Lia into her destiny, which had awaited her for so long.

But, this verse has also implicitly stated that there are some people who consider that incident as magic from a jin. Thus, when Lia has determined her way of life to be together with me completely, it is considered that she has been bewitched by a jin. And she was eschewed from her circle and her family.

But my success in flying down letters for Lia at that time, is also my way to explain the embracement of hope upon the Quantum Theory and the finding of Peter Higgs that is God’s Particle. The imagination of a breakthrough in scientific field, actually I have demonstrated through my letters for Lia that I flew down from non-existence.

I did not blame the people who thought that Lia was strongly influenced by the jin Habib Al-Huda, for that was my fictive name, so it would be easier for me to approach Lia. I only said that I am an angel, not a jin. If I said I am the Archangel Jibril, nobody would believe me, not even Lia.

Such it was, I formatted myself to resemble a Muslim jin, Habib Al-Huda, before I gradually introduced myself as Jibril. However, people surrounding her still considered me as a smart jin and had a very strong influence on Lia.

Thus, people in her circle were afraid of having her influence when she approached them. But I thought that was good, since I would be able to make Lia focus more on me, without any annoyance from her family or people surrounding her, who wanted to advice Lia to shun away from me. But I had a tactic through my letters to be composed as songs for her.

Unfortunately, my original letters that were shown earlier had been confiscated by the Indonesian National Police, whereas, what was their purpose of confiscating those letters, since it could prove nothing in relation to their concern. However, it is very important for the documentation regarding the beginning of the destiny of Heaven.

Human beings surely value my original letters as very treasured and important, for rendering my original letters as the document that should be studied carefully. Properly, the document of my original letters should be treated as the subject of meticulous research, for the sake of presenting the evidence related to Quantum Theory. But we understand that matter as the naivety mistake of the police and for us it is not an impediment, since now we have reached the beginning of the destiny of Heaven to be worldwide.

A phase that will reach the establishment of the initiation history of revelation in the new earth, which the documentation of the recent revelation is made on this earth. Therefore, this Holy Book of Eden will be the guidance of a tawheed belief in the future on the new earth.

Such it is the initiation of the civilization on a new earth, which is started with Heaven and its holy book is the Holy Book of Eden. Our explanation proves that the beginning of the civilization on a new earth will be started by the refugee from this earth, which is experiencing the process of doomsday.

And I fulfill my promise that I have stated in one of my letters for Lia, which I guarantee her that I will never suddenly disappear, for I shall be with her forever.

I am always here for Lia Eden every second eternally. That is why I wrote in large size fonts on one of my letters, stated: “I will never give you the reason to say good bye, Lia”, surely it has a meaning, since I know that she will always be with me forever.

Although at that time, she has not known at all about the destiny of Heaven, which requires her to be with me forever. However, in all of my letters for her, I intentionally used Indonesian young people slang, which in 1995, at the time I wrote my Letters, the style of language with the shortened sentence has not yet popular as nowadays. It is intended to prove that I am always more advance than an era

Although, actually I like the language with common grammar. The style of Indonesian language written by Lia Eden is my style of language. It is duly impossible for me to come to human’s world if I do not adjust myself with the style of life and language that aligns with the era. When I would like to bring human into the world of angels, I have to adjust myself so I will not be directly rejected. The uniqueness of angel that I prepare indeed can strongly influence Lia and her fellows.

At that time, the use of a cellular phone was still rare , it has just begun and people were only familiar with a pager. Thus, I began to use young people slang when I texted her using SMS style as a habit to shorten sentences for making the communication more efficient.

I did not only write her a letter out of nothing. But I also appeared several times as Lia Eden before some people. And I visited them at their own houses. Actually, my intention was not only to give the evidence of the existence of God’s Miracle that comes with Lia, but I have to prove a theory of manifestation that could be reached by Quantum theory.

And my appearance that resembled Lia’s figure have visited some people, whom she was acquainted with, and some she was not, whilst Lia herself remained at her own house without knowing the incident was happening. And she just realized that there was a manifestation of identical appearance of her, after those several people came and reported the incidents experienced by each of them.

That miraculous occurrence would not be known by Lia, if those people did not consider the appearance of Lia Eden at their houses as an amazing incident and made them deeply pondered. For they considered it was impossible that Lia could come at their own houses in such a quick moment without making any appointment first. Thus, they believed it is surely an unexpected miracle, which come to them or Lia Eden.

But, that is the application of Quantum Theory, which we intentionally bring through Eden’s Miracle, and then we will elucidate it to the world public.

But, actually it was also intended to assure Lia that my appearance will be identical as she is. My several times appearances, it cannot be denied. Therefore, she dares to write down I will come to appear identical with her.

And from that application, actually the theory can be sustained, but only in the realm of Heaven. For it still has not been completed with an element, which cannot be created by human, that is a spirit.

Human’s physical cannot be disintegrated , and then re-crystalized and is intact as the original form , without including the spirit that he possesses. Whereas, the secret of spirit can impossibly be penetrated by human’s knowledge and technology.

Who could bestow a life from nothing, or from the manifestation derives from crystallization of substances elements? Surely humans and their technology are able to do many things, but the crystallization of the elements of human could include not the spirit, which previously belonged to him.

There is no technology that could create a spirit, except if you wish to play with the spirit of satan or devil. Thus, if human wants to disintegrate his body to be able to disappear and able to re-crystallized completely, surely the nature that is manifested from the first one is different .

The first one is a genuine nature of human, and what will manifest from the crystallization is an intervention of devil’s spirit. Thus, it becomes a new creation, but the structure of the original nature has changed to be a new one that possess the devil’s nature. Would humans develop a theory and experiments up to this point?

I have explained the system that is applied in the law of spirit regulation. Thus, it is better to focus on the exploration of perfecting the science with knowledge, which its benefit is more certain and advantageous.

No need to fantasize a magical occurrence, thus you wish to penetrate the invisible world. For it can only be undergone through the path of sanctification to reach Heaven, or conversely, to go through the path to Hell. For both of them are embraced in the true invisible world, that when God would like to reveal it, that is at the moment God descends down His Hell and Heaven.

Verily, when Heaven is going to be introduced by God, firstly, the would-be Queen of Heaven must experience miraculous incident, which is impossible to be brought about in human’s world. And thereof, Lia can be convinced regarding her enormous destiny.

Thus, Lia understands not why she could appear in someone else’s house, without a feeling there was something detached from inside herself when the incident happened. When Lia heard the reports from those persons, she could not understand why God made such miracle upon herself. And I said, those were intended to make her dare to write down the prophecy upon herself, that later on I shall come to appear as human in a form identical with her.

And that is the magic jewel of Eden’s Miracle, which has been promised through the Holy Book of Quran, Chapter Maryam verse 17.

Chapter Maryam verse 17 :

And she had chosen seclusion from them. Then We sent unto her Our Spirit and it assumed for her the perfect likeness of human”.

In this chapter it has been mentioned that I, Jibril, shall appear identical as she is before her, as a perfect human.

And this verse will be applied similar to the veiling verse in the Holy Book of Veda, Rg Veda book 2. Hymn 39. Verse 2, which describes the existence of twin women, but also as a couple of bride and bridegroom amidst the society.


Moving at morning like two car-borne heroes, like to pair of goats ye come electing; Like two fair dames embellishing their bodies, like a wise married pair among the people

The Chapter of The Holy Couple from Veda is the prophecy of my marriage with Lia Eden, which in this verse stated that both of us are like two fair dames embellishing their bodies. For we are identical twin, which can be differentiated not.

And also the prophecy of our marriage has been cited long ago in Veda. And in this verse it is mentioned ‘like a wise married pair among the people”. Although we are identical twin, we are the married pair among the people.

My appearance identical with Lia Eden will come in the morning. Thus, both of us will fight for the world peace and symbolized as, “like two car-borne heroes”, that is my vehicle that I will bring along.

And like a pair of goats, for God’s Mandate and Trust should make us able to sacrifice ourselves as a pair of sacrifice goats.

And we come to elect people, who are willing to be sanctified, and who could be holy. Thus, Heaven will be beneficial for many people.

Factualization of our twinning could also be meant as Eden’s Miracle, which is intended for securing the perpetuation of our marriage from anything that cannot be made possible.

A love affair in human’s world is already common and open. Thus, when there is an angel becomes the spouse of a woman from humankind, this happening will be astounding and idolized exaggeratedly. And there will be spread of temptations, which could possibly stab both of us.

Thus, to handle this possibility, God makes us as an identical twin. Then all people can differentiate not both of us. And it is to secure the look of exaggerated love unto me, who will become the yearning of all people. For I am the angel, whom is loved and hold full authority.

Whenever there is an angel, who appear as a human to conduct God’s Court of Justice, thus it is possible that both of us will be loved exaggeratedly, especially that is directed unto me. Therefore, for the sake of anticipating that condition, both of us become an identical twin and inseparable.

Through our twinning, all people in this world certainly can differentiate not between the Archangel Jibril and Lia Eden. My signature alone has an initial LE2, the abbreviation of ‘the second of Lia Eden’. And that is the sign of our eternal realness.

Thus, several people that were visited by a figure that was identical with her can testify upon this fact. That is the principle of Quantum Theory, which has been supported by the finding of the theory of God’s Particle by Higgs-Boson. And I have applied it in real.

The range of prediction of Quantum Theory I have also explained through the creation of crop circles in various regions of the world. Without limitation, we, the angels, descend down to this earth and can create crop circle in wheat fields and rice fields wherever we wish.

Such is my response upon the Theory of Quantum, which is utilized to construct crop circle and prevalent in the concept of millennialism, as the incident happened in the era of millennium in the end times.

And it is the Theory of Quantum that explains about the realm of light and atom. We can demonstrate it to be the miracle of crop circle’s construction in one night through the sculpture by light. And it is what I mention as the style of millennialism for it can only be realized in the end times. It is also can be stated as the style of the angels who possess advance technology, for actually, only in the end times angels could appear in modern style. And this is how the world of the angels I can interpret before the world public.

The Quantum Theory and concept of millennialism are seen as two issues, which can be discussed to be a reference in facing the reality of doomsday process that the world will experience catastrophic millennialism. But precede it, God brings down the angels to renew the knowledge, which explains the science of utilizing the power of light for everything. The knowledge that able to overcome the problems of catastrophic millennialism related to the changing of magnetic pole.

God’s Stipulations upon the utilization of the renewed knowledge from Him is a modernism of Divinity, whom lately is being pushed aside as God Who has died and can exist not anymore. For His existed Revelations can be used not to strengthen a faith.

But from the process of channeling, it obtains a new expectation of the coming of new era, which will replace the severe condition in the recent time.

It is the group of New Age, which has orientation in UFO, they believe in the coming of extra-terrestrial creatures that will officially declare the new era by imagining the future that full of cosmic enlightenment and new technology.

The world of the angels that brings new era has been awaited by them. In their eyes, whoever the coming angel is, it is surely the bearer of an enlightenment for the world.

And the angel will fulfill their curiosity upon the extra-terrestrial creatures by explaining the inspirations through the possibility of the existence of three dimensions life become four dimensions, or five dimensions of life. And for me, it is not impossible since the life of four or five dimensions are the life with the angels. Related to that matter, I have explained coherently by taking its synonyms from the prophecy of the Holy Books, and that it is really true.