The Vow of The Queen Lia Eden

The Salvage Spaceship (song)

Under God’s Vow today, on the seventeen of July two thousand fifteen I am commanded by God to take a vow before the world public declaring His Court of Justice and His Judgement.

And in the Name of God, I also take a vow that the day of court of justice and the day of God’s Judgement have been applied in the entire world.

All people in the world without exclusion are experiencing the retribution of their own sins. And every person in the world cannot avoid the problems in his life that he is facing now.

And every problem that makes human suffer and disgraceful or hurt is the result of the sins he has ever conducted. And God always compensates equally and in accordance with the heaviness and kind of sin he has done.

And every man in this world will experience misery equal to his sin. And he cannot get rid of his pain before the compensation upon his sin has been completed.

The equivalence completion of sins retribution at the day of his judgement now makes human being’s suffering become heavy, for the piling up of their sins should be compensated at this time.

The completion of sins retribution is what causes many big tragedies befall on human beings, in order to explain the condition of the day of God’s Court of Justice and the Day of His Judgement.

Thus, I take a vow to convey the Day of God’s Judgement, that within the judgement made by God upon every sin in this world, God calculates the retribution of his punishment through the most significant sins of everyone, that the most significant sin of someone is the sin caused by the tendency of his evil’s character.

From that side of evil’s character, God raises up its negative side until it becomes maximum and turns into insolence or exaggerating beyond  tolerance.

Whereas human beings cannot escape from the maximum level of their evil character after God intentionally let them face the problems that could trigger the maximum level of their evil characters, thus they will face inescapable dispute or hardship.

As for the suffering and hardship, those will be embedded strongly inside oneself in accordance with the equivalence of his own sins.

How much in the past he enjoyed the benefit or bliss of his sins, but it is the equal retribution upon his sins that makes many human beings experience a tragic fate.

How much dispensation God gives him, surely it is in line with the reward of virtuousness that he has ever conducted.

However, usually God has completed the compensation of his virtuousness first through the success that he has enjoyed, for God always chooses to compensate first the reward of virtuousness, because God likes people who do virtuousness.

Only a repentance and deep remorse, and the changing of demeanor and character from evil to be good that could lessen the suffering from the retribution of karmas of his sins.

And God will bring someone unto his redemption of karma that is no longer heavy. And if the sin redemption has been completed, then the person could be revived from his misery of bearing the karma of his own sins.

As for my explanation regarding the application of the day of court of justice and the day of God’s judgement, it is obligated to be declared to the world public, for the sake of facilitating all people in this world to ponder well and purely when they find themselves hit by the torment of punishment upon their sins, so they could soon take a step of repentance and immediately redeem all the impacts of the sins they ever conducted.

And I take a vow under God’s Vow directly, that at this time there is no vow that its sacredness and harm as well as blessing are not taken into the maximum level. Thus, take a vow for the sake of virtuousness and righteousness and keep your vow, for by doing it there is an easiness in God’s court and judgement.

It is only virtuousness that could lessen the painful punishment of the sin retribution. Truly I testify upon God’s Vows that are descended down in Eden, that all sins from the smallest up to the heaviest sin are now being judged by God justly and completely for the sake of all people’s sanctification in this world.

And i am commanded by God to declare once again the unification of all religions in the world, as it has been stated by God a long time ago. It is the unification of all religions that could create world peace and end the war and terrorism.

There are deadly attacks threats of the Islamic State, which are expanding across various countries in the world.

Recently occurred in Tunisia, Kuwait, France, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. And their terrors have intimidated the nations in the world. The Islamic State’s arrogance to boast themselves will be terminated by God accordingly If his fatawa related to the unification of all religions is willing to be accepted by all religious adherents in the world. Ever since the world is troubled by the wars, terrorism, drugs and criminality, there is no power that could overcome those all except God.

Subjugation upon the Islamic State and all kinds of crimes will be carried out by God through the mystical missing of haram money, of which also to indicate the application of sanctification upon all people in the world for the sake of his salvation in facing the doomsday process that is besieging this world.

The endeavor of his salvation and his sanctification has been preceded by the blowing of the sangkakala trumpet, which has been sounded in various countries in the world. Thus, the officiality and legality of the day of God’s court of justice and the day of God’s judgement have been testified through the sign of the blowing of sangkakala trumpet worldwide.

As for the sanctification upon all people in the world that is resounded by God through the holy spirit unto Eden, it is also as the factualization of the armageddon war, the war between the angels and the devils.

And the personification of the Armageddon war in the open sky could be seen amidst the human world, whoevers are with God and the angels, and whoevers are with the devils.

And it has been noted a condition that symbolizes the defeat of human beings the devils’ subjugation unto humans. For it is the coverage of sins that cause humans to be insensitive toward revelation, thus it results in the loss of the angels to lift up God’s Revelations to be rendered as a guidance for the faithful people, for the sake of bringing in solutions for the world.

As the ignorance and rejection upon God’s Revelations that we convey all this time, it has been prevailing of no proper response. The angel’s defeat is not a heaven’s loss, but it is surely the defeat of human beings, for it is men who could not be brought to their senses to be saved.

Thus, the mystical missing of haram money makes it necessary for human beings to sanctify themselves, so they could be saved by God. Thus, God’s Day of Judgement is carried out.

At this time the devils totally win. We are excluded and God’s Revelations that we convey are mocked and unheeded by all people in this world. However, the defeat of the angels and humans who are with them, now is the time to reverse it into a victory, since God has promised that it’s about time the holy spirit comes forward to adjudicate the world.

And God has declared his stance in judging human beings through the implementation of the mystical missing of haram money and the holy spirit’s movement of anti-idolatry, which in it there is an appeal for repentance and redemption of karma through virtuousness equivalent to it.

If this matter is ignored, then what is coming is an equivalent punishment.  God’s Judgement will be held by the holy spirit and the entire angels who accompany him. And we take a vow to be willing to accompany him in this Armageddon war. As for the Armageddon war, it is essentially a war against wickedness and sins, and acceleration of its factualization is through sanctification upon all human beings for the sake of his salvation before the doomsday.

However, precisely the failure and defeat of the devils and humans who are tempted by the devils are their defeat by heaven, which certainly will be secured by God since that is God’s legal stipulation which guarantees that heaven shall win.

The rise of heaven to be worldwide cannot be impeded anymore, exactly when no one wishes for heaven. And when it’s time to be wanted, then without exclusion all people who want to be in heaven unavoidably should sanctify themselves.

Could humans survive in the protracted chaos? However, God indicates that world peace is important to be applied first through the implementation of unification of all religions.

All religions will be unified in one universal belief of absolute monotheism and only worship God the only one, and shun away from idolatry or act of associating God with whomsoever that is deified besides God.

And I take a vow to be willing to go through any risk by stating this statement. Verily, there is no power that could be relied on to help the world from all heavy problems except God the one.

Hopefully all people in this world will be grateful since it is God who will take care of this errand. Lord, please accept this vow of mine.

The Salvage Spaceship (translation)

When humans are full of sins
While they are asleep in their dreams of immorality and deceit
Nightmare becomes real

Let me make the Spaceship
Get on to the Salvage Spaceship, I say
I’m good at making the Ship
This is the salvage Spaceship for us

There is no power and strength but God the Most Lofty and Sublime
And if they deny you, say, “Your God has the most enormous mercy,
and His Torment can’t be separated from the guilty people.”

Then we send upon them troublesome and dissension
in the days of grief, so they feel humiliating torment in this worldy life.
And indeed the Hereafter torment is more despicable,
and they couldn’t be saved.

And We made them as the leaders who call to the Hell.
And on the doomsday they couldn’t be saved.
And We include them in the curse of this world,
while on the Doomsday they are amongst the people who are humiliated.

And We saved those who believe. And they are the ones who fear God.
There is no power and strength but God the Most Lofty and Sublime

When humans are full of sins
While they are asleep in their dreams of immorality and deceit
Nightmare becomes real

Let me make the spaceship
Get on to the Salvage spaceship, I say
I’m good at making the ship
This is the Salvage spaceship for us