God’s Explanation Regarding Sinkhole

According to Archangel Jibril The Holy Spirit, now God responds in real for the sake of warning the human beings upon everything that He loathes. The cause of many occurrences of sinkholes in this world is due to the changing of the world’s map, which is being processed.

And it is caused by the vulnerability of this earth that frequently experiences dreadful explosions, thus, the shaking of nuclear blasts and other bombs always tremble the earth, so the earth cracks, and it is fragile to subside.

And that cause the existence of a hole, which then lead to land subsidence or a sinkhole is opened up. The other reason, sinkhole is God’s Curse upon human’s actions, which torture the earth and their fellows human beings. Besides, it is the act of wicked alien that intentionally threaten the inhabitants of this earth. Sinkhole as God’s Warning, usually done in the area that is not inhabited such as in Siberia, Russia. Whereas a sinkhole created by wicked alien is placed in the town center and on public street, and the hole is very deep and the shape is regular as if made by a giant drill.

And a sinkhole, which is created due to calamity usually has irregular shape and the steepness is not too deep. When this earth is experiencing the reversal of its system, various stipulations become irregular, abnormal, and even contradiction.

The changing and the shifting of magnetic pole also cause gravitational changing, thus also cause many incidents of the existence of Sinkhole. Wicked alien from other planet is a threat for the life of this earth’s inhabitants, which are undergoing the process of doomsday.

Alien creatures are starting to come after they detect that this earth is experiencing the process of doomsday. Such kind of condition is a strategy to get the opportunity from the social panic of this earth’s inhabitants, thus it makes them easier to look for the chance to get the benefit from that condition.

Invasion from alien creatures will happen after the result of the investigation coordination regarding the calculation of the level of development of weaponry’s technology and the level of knowledge of defense strategy of this earth’s inhabitants toward invasion of other alien creatures is mature enough.

As for the circumstance and condition is no more than the manifestation of security system of inter-planet and domination of inter-planet power. Thus, I will come to this earth for the sake of assuring all errands, which are related to the mystery of UFO and alien, so it could be responded correctly, and an accurate anticipation could be made.

Afterwards, all natural calamities in this world are the impact of doomsday process, which will continue and is opened as the destiny that can be hindered not.