In The Name of God The Almighty and The Only One 

On August 1, 2014,  we were commanded by God  to convey the Declaration of the Day of God’s Power. But before that,  I will state my vow of absolute devotion unto God before the world society. I take a vow wholeheartedly  to state absolute devotion and obedience and love unto God The One.

Therefore, I will not consider myself as the most holy and the finest person in this world, and I am always willing to be humiliated by God before the world society,  whenever I am imbalance and unjust in facing  and taking care of any errand.

And if I ever make mistake intentionally  no matter how small it is,   then as the consequence I am willing that God takes away my life,  and the public is forbidden to mourn upon me.

Thus is my vow of devotion unto God. And so,  God wills to command me to declare His Vow to the public of the world.

For the sake of conveying God’s Vow, I prostrate myself to plea for the blessing of God The Only One  to convey His Vow as follows:


And it is now that this earth I liken has been tilting and I should save it, for the power of devils upon human beings have already been awfully dominant. But,  humankind respect not the coming of the Archangel Jibril,  who conveys My Revelations,  and will not to heed My Revelations that I convey through My Messenger, Lia Eden. Thus, I take a vow to take over the power in this world,  considering the nuclear war could happen anytime.      

And I take a vow to enact My Power in this world until it exists, since the world’s critical errands have instigated tension amongst nations, and have threatened the world war, especially Israel war toward Palestine,  which have risen Islam solidarity throughout the world, and invasion of Russia toward Ukraine, which are opposed by nations in the world, as well as vulnerable crisis between North Korea and South Korea. Thus also wars in Middle East, and atrocious sectarian war between Muslim and Christian in Central Africa are very disconcerting.

While Islam adherents become erratic in deciding their stances after the conflicts expanding, due to differences of mazhab viewpoints,  which  have divided Islam adherents so they are uncertain. And then comes forth the most ferocious  amongst Islam radical groups in the world, that is Islamic State (IS), who wants to establish Islam caliphate in this world. Thus, the brutality of terrorists becomes stronger,  along with the existence of Islamic State.

 Islam unity in the world and the rise of Islam caliphate is striven by Islamic State with stammering militancy, for its power will not be attained. That is I have already guaranteed.

 Islamic State is being concerned /by various non-Muslim even Muslim countries. The fearfulness towards Islamic State, prevails suddenly around the world. Terrorism has put Islam at stake,  whether Islam is still  desirable or  better to  degenerate into this My Stipulation.

The viciousness of Muslim terrorists in the world has become worsened,    especially after the incident of the attack upon the office of Charlie Hebdo tabloid in France, and massive slaughters by the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram. 

Thus, Anti Islam movements rise up in the world. And supposedly due to these movements all groups of Islam radical unite their stances to fight against the anti-Islam movements, what power could lessen the excess of the enmity between the Islam radicals with the anti-Islam movements that also rise in the world?

Therefore, I enact the Day of My Power to lessen the chaos around the world  and to indicate all human beings to be willing that I bring peace and serenity upon them.

Thus,  I affirm once more My Fatawa  regarding the Abrogation of All Religions and Unification of All Religions to be absolute monotheism, believe absolutely in The One God, with universal way of worship, no more religious differences, sects and streams.

All adherents should only focus on worshipping unto God  The Only One and The Almighty with the same and universal way. Thus is My Solution in responding upon critical religious issues and the threat of world war or nuclear war.

And be My Solution as the consequence of My dejection  upon dominant religious issues in this world. And My Concern  upon the threat of the occurrence of world war which will use nuclear. If not for that reason, I will force not the abrogation of all religions.

As for My Decision, surely will create nervousness upon all religious adherentsin this world.  But, be sure that the world serenity is more important than anything else.

Moreover,  all religious adherents shun away not from God Whom they worship, for I Am The One Who ask you to neutralize your belief while also respect all religious teachings that have existed all this time.

I descend down My Revelations once more, thus I  will assure and show to all human beings that My Wisdom to overcome various criticality  in this world  can be carried out well and easy.  

I promise to bring serenity and peace. Therefore,  I take a vow  there is no devil would dare to confound My Wisdom,  for I am The Prevailing in ending the devils’ activity  to pit human beings against each other    through their religious fanaticism.

If all this time  the devil’s calumny amidst religious people can be felt,  that is the curse of sin due to religious enmity,  which has upturned rational logic. But after I am overcoming that religious turmoil, My Vow will end the devils’ actions, which stir up humans’ thought upon their religions, making human being  easily offended and furious and hate each other.

And when I have taken a vow upon certain matter, thus I forbid all devils to impede My Stipulation. And they obey unto whatsoever constituted by My Vow, which is the most sacred and holy. It  is up to  Me  all laws amongst all My Creatures.

Regarding My Call when it is responded well,  I will unite all hearts to lead to world peace. However, if there is a party that responds in silliness upon My Call, thus I will defeat them through failures they encounter.

Verily this earth has been processing toward the doomsday. And I am endeavoring evacuation of this earth’s inhabitants to the new earth. I assure that only the ones who have been sanctified, whom I will bring to move to the new earth.

Any party that is stubborn  and wishes to stand on their stance and belief, which are different   from My Wisdoms, then I will not possibly forgive them. Therefore,  they are not amongst people  whom I will salvage. I will leave them behind as the ones who will die in the Hell of Doomsday.

As for the mass deaths and deadly accidents in the air, in the sea and on the ground can make not human beings realize the presence of nature’s wrath as the sign of My Wrath. And the world is still in chaos with wars  that are threatening the world war even more.     

Thus, now I take over the power in this world.  And I render all countries and nations to obey My Command. And I will make wonders in this world that can indicate the Day of My Power.        

Thus,  today, I declare the enactment of My Day of Power completely,  which will be carried out after this declaration has been conveyed to the world.”

Thus, we have conveyed God’s Revelation and His Vow upon the Declaration of the Day of God’s Power.

In The Name of God, Archangel Jibril The Holy Spirit

Conveyed by  Lia Eden