In The Name of God The Only One

Please allow me to convey God’s Declarations for the world, related to the process of doomsday, which is undergoing on this earth. For the sake of His Salvation, God conveys several statements in His Declarations, which would possibly shock the world. However, the world now is experiencing mass criticality, which will be taken care by God directly.

Therefore, there is none of His Statements that is not immense and it will surely shock everyone in this world. But God assures that all solutions that He states are His Salvation that will be carried out by Him. Before that, it will be initiated by stating declarations that are related to His previous Covenants, cited in His previous Holy Books, those are Torah, Bible and Quran.

And this is the time that His Covenants are being fulfilled by Him, those are His Covenants related to Heaven. And at this very moment God declares Heaven is open to the world. Thus now is also the time to convey the covenant of The Day of God’s Power, as well as the declaration of its fulfillment.

As for God’s Salvation, His Stipulation is through Heaven’s purification and His Court of Justice. Thus, God declares The Day of His Court of Justice to the entire human beings in this world.

The first one to be declared is His Court of Justice upon the head of states, and statesmen, as well as religious prominent figures in the world, which will be conducted before the world soon. Thus, we have conveyed the God’s Stipulation. Thank you for your attention.

 On behalf of Archangel Jibril the Holy Spirit,

Conveyed by Lia Eden