In The Name of God The Only One and The Most Adjudicative

And by His Blessings, we convey God’s Vow in His Revelation as follows:

By the doomsday that has been undergoing on this earth in this current time, I take a vow to conduct the Day of My Court of Justice and the Day of My Recompense for all human beings on this earth and all of My Creatures in this world.

Therefore, beware of My Stipulation so you all could be safe. By the Day of My Recompense, every people in this world will surely experience My Retribution upon every mistake or sin that has been conducted.

Thus, overwhelming calamities and miseries are now befalling on humans. So do not make any mistake intentionally, let alone do deceitfulness and crimes as you wish, for those will surely reverse to torture yourself.

And you will not be able to get away from your suffering, except if the retributions upon your sins have been done completely by the pain that you have gone through. Ponder the misery and hardship that you are experiencing, those surely derived from the mistakes and sins that you have done before.

And redeem your previous sins by remedying the mistakes you have done unto the people you have harmed or offended. And redeem those losses experienced by them equivalently.

And admit your deceits honestly and sincerely before those mistakes harm or injure you. And redeem those deceits by rectifying them back unto the people that you have deceived, cheated or disadvantaged.

Thus, it will weaken the retribution that you suppose to suffer. Such is your spirit will not be burdened anymore by impediments caused by the retribution of sins that should be experienced by you.

Do virtuousness, and do the right thing sincerely so your step will be light and you are blessed.

Be known, that when I have urged unification of all religions for the sake of world peace, the consequence is no more prayer pleaded through the former way of worshipping that I have annulled, I will answer. And I implement this for the sake of welcoming the unification of all religions.

Verily, I do not conduct any arbitrariness by not willing to grant a prayer, but rather I am focusing on making all people to obey My new Stipulation.

If it is not for this reason, surely many people amongst you feel uncertain that I am seriously and earnestly want to unify all religions and only bless one way of worshipping, that is My new Stipulation.

Thus be certain, there is no prayer that I am willing to answer now. That is only because sins have been accumulating and severely tarnishing all people in this world, thus I am reluctant to grant a prayer.

Therefore, conduct good deeds as many as you can, so the reward of your virtuousness will bless you to be an answer of your prayer or to be your success or cure you from illness and to be your fortune. That is the only way when you wish to be blessed with easiness. Your own deeds will bless you.

Indeed today, the world is besieged by malicious diseases with no cure. That happens because I curse this earth, which is full of sins. And actually that is the essence of Hell that I bring down simultaneously with My Heaven.

And all people in this world are frightened of the flaring up of malicious diseases which are contagious, such as the disease spread by Ebola virus, and other diseases such as MERS, Meningitis, and other diseases which are difficult to be cured.

As for all people are vulnerable to be infected by mutated virus, thus anybody could be infected by any horrifying disease, for the spread of those malicious viruses could be up to any place in this world. And no one can avoid it, for the virus’ presence is unseen.

And the development of medical science is not as fast as the mutation of viruses which have mutated due to the heavy pollution and radiation caused by bombings and nuclear experiments in the sea, on the ground or in the air.

Humankind’s misery nowadays spreads equally throughout the world, for this earth is in the process of doomsday. The only way to enjoy a tranquil and a healthy life is to leave this earth to move to the new earth.

Thus be holy, and fulfill My Stipulations, then you will be protected from horrific and tormented incidents.
Be peaceful and stop all wars, and listen to My Directions and carry them out, so I am willing to release you from any misery, and help you move from this earth to find a new dwelling, which is healthy and prolific, as well as prosperous.

Only holiness that could make Me sincerely help you. Thus, be holy and shun away from sin, so I am willing to save you”.

In The Name of God, Conveyed by Lia Eden