The Righteousness Arrow

(Mahoni, 17 November 1997)

The Righteousness is always straight as an arrow
No one can turn around an arrow’s direction
This arrow is not a bullet, it is created for fighting
Righteousness is not wickedness

Heaven is not a hell, Angel is not devil
Saint’s line always goes along with the righteousness
As salt lake is always near the sea
Build a solid bridge between the lake and the sea

Righteousness is the solid bridge between the life
and the image of grandeur of the Heaven

Life is not only just breathing
Ego and ambition are joining the problems and difficulties,
success and failure always come and go

When does the righteousness come around
When do human sing the holiness, but the certainty is doubting in this life

Going up to the Heaven, or going down into the hell
Become rich or poor, success or failure, sick or healthy,
it depends on your suspension line

Are you generous or wicked?
Are you doing things with cognition without sins?
It’s not simply to limit the target
between these two contributions of life

Coral and diamond are valuable stones
Soup and bread are yummy chows
Earth is not moving without life
Earth’s hurly burly of people who are yelling “all are mine”
Hurly burly, hurly burly, hurly burly

Like the sound of crows
Heaven, angel, Heaven, angel, Heaven, angel
It’s the sound of the righteousness arrow

Babies are smelling heaven
Instead of babies are being tortured by demoralization
Heaven, angel, oo Heaven, angel
Is there any Heaven between the sorrow and the happiness
Heaven, angel, oo Heaven, angel
Heaven is always in between the sorrow and the happiness

Do you wanna choose Heaven or hell
Heaven is in everybody’s heart who loves the righteousness
Devil will run away, devil will stand out,
if the righteousness oppresses the wrong

yeah .. yeah .. yeah .., oh wow.. wow.. wow..
when the right will come
yeah .. yeah .. yeah .., oh wow.. wow.. wow..
When the wrong will go
yeah .. yeah .. yeah .., oh wow.. wow.. wow..

Give me the righteousness arrow
I will push off the greedy devil
I have to bear hearing all until I could arrest the crazy greedy devil

yeah .. yeah .. yeah .., oh wow.. wow.. wow..
The truth comes, the devil goes
yeah .. yeah .. yeah .., oh wow.. wow.. wow..
I’m free, I’m really free
free to be born, free for choosing, I’m free to choose Heaven