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The Secret of Crop Circle; The Sadness of The Angels is Poured out Through The Creation of Crop Circle

The sadness of the Archangel Jibril in watching humans rejoice in conducting sins and the sadness in seeing the victory of devils in this world, and the sadness of the angels in watching the wicked alien busy drilling the earth to create sinkhole, those all trigger the obsession to create crop circle everywhere to shift the attention from horridness and to spend the time as well as to attract human’s attention in this world that he exists and has responded concretely and makes beautiful creation on wheat fields.

This is the angels’ wish so humans would like to think of their presence whom are bringing down again God’s Revelations, which provide solution of salvation for humankind while undergoing the process of doomsday.                                                                                                                     

Archangel Jibril The Holy Spirit Explains about The Crop Circle

And such this is when I would like to be compared with the evil aliens, the owner of UFO that also have already come here. Thus, I made a trace through crop circle.

I announce that crop circle is the creation of angels. I could say that it is the Holy Spirit’s team and they have initiated the creation of crop circle long before now. Thus, since 1966, people have already found crop circle in Tully, Australia.

Although the construction was still simple and did not give deep impression, since during that time the angels were still exploring the way to create crop circle. Thus, actually angels also need to explore first whatever they have never done before.

And I need to explain that in the world of angels exists also preliminary understanding in practicing something that is still unfamiliar to the angels, for they have not done it before. So when the time comes, crop circle is already perfect and proper to be presented as a surprise.

It has to be understood that the world of human should be motivated to acknowledge the creation of angels which is sophisticated , before we come to make an astonishing statement. It should be a reliable evidence embracing our statement upon the coming of Heaven on this earth.

 While awaiting The Kingdom of Eden and Heaven of Eden to be officially declared by God, we use the time to make us busy by creating crop circles in various places in the world. And when I made my appearance to meet Lia Eden at her house in 1974 in my shape as a glowing ball, I indicate that incident by creating actively the construction of crop circles, which are more challenging to make.

Thus, crop circles in various countries in the world, I announce those are my creations as well as the angels who work with me, to give the image of Heaven that is being established on this earth.

And for the sake of attracting the world public’s attention upon a beautiful miracle, yet can be detected not who creates them, especially when it is done only in one night. It is a number of unanswered surprises before the time comes. Heaven is awaited, Heaven will answer.

Verily, the image of Heaven is being established on this earth. We start by creating crop circles that are spread in various places around this world. Indeed the existence of crop circles is impossible without a very special purpose. And until now, the creation of crop circles is full of an unanswered mystery. Such is the meaning of Heaven that is full of beautiful mystery. The existence of crop circles can be meant as the proclamation of the coming of Heaven.

 The creation of crop circle’s pattern is required to have all aspects and non-aspects in order to design a new and interesting pattern with a perfect level of precision and a very high accuracy by considering the condition of the plants, weather, land and a very limited time. Every needed consideration becomes incredible when that outer-space creation should be completed within a night.

Therefore, humankinds would be able to understand that there is technology from the invisible world that could create crop circle, which its dimension of accuracy is very precise. And it could only be possibly made by an advance technology.

A miracle, which can be explained not, but can only be identified through its output, which is hi-tec. If that is what happens, God’s Power is interpreted as the most high intelligent and is infinite. And the result can be duplicated not by whomsoever.

Sometimes humans must be subjugated in such a way, for in this modern era, God’s Existence is considered only like a fairy tale. Human beings idolize their technology, thus God comes surpassing all. His Miracle is not just a cane that is able to be altered as a snake or able to divide the sea, but it should be able to surpass human’s technology.

Crop circle cannot be denied as a miraculous creation. That is God’s Miracle for Eden, The Heaven, which is going to be opened on this earth by God, one day. And it is directly related to crop circle when I come to admit it. Thereof, naturally the creation still heeds the condition of the field and plants that spread on it.

Thus, we are also involved directly in producing the spread of field that is suitable to what we need. To create a crop circle, which its dimension should be precise surely needs a mature calculation.

It is important, since the level of moisture or dryness of the land should also be calculated, for the plants should not be broken due to their fragility.

Thus, consideration of weather becomes important. It is not good to make crop circle after the rain. If the plants are wet by the rain, the shape of the crop circle when it dries will change. At least, the lines will be blurring.

As for the examination of the area to place the crop circle, it should choose a typical area that spreads close to a highland or a hill so the view would be perfect when one sees from the above. Thus, the tilt of the land should also be calculated.

The land that is too tilt will lessen the density of the plants on one side. It is not easy to choose a paddy field, which its plant’s condition and the expanse of the land is suitable enough to make a crop circle. As much as possible, it should avoid a sloping land.

And it is important to calculate the precision of the design ornament of the crop circle with the ornament on the other side, which is less dense, for it is located exactly between the flatland that has denser plants and the land with uncertain tilt position. The structure of the plants is not the same in a sense of their nature of growing and disperses.

Thereof, since the beginning the angels have anticipated the obstacles of the paddy field and the growth of the plants on the field that have been predicted. And it is a challenge that should be overcome, considering not every field’s expanse is exotic enough, so it can create a perfect harmony.

Therefore, the angels secretly train the farmers diligently to make their field’s expanses clean and have order lines. Thus we also fertilize the suitable land for crop circle. We squeeze the stems and leaves in accordance with the needs of the crop circle design that we are going to make. So the creation of crop circle will not face significant level of difficulties.

Such is the intervention of our miracle is seen in taking care of the land and plants, which is intended to be the area of the crop circle.

The growing nature of the plants will follow the influence of the similarity of quantity of sunlight and how much rain that falls upon the plants. Thus, we are only able to make crop circle in the area with such condition.

The making of crop circle should be done at night so it will be a surprise for the public, who live in the surrounding area of the crop circle, and should be able to finish perfectly within a night, and any sound should be heard not during the process of the creation of crop circle.

Making a surprise always involve the awesome things that cannot be deciphered by human beings. Well, at that time we use the wonderful miracle of the angels.

Honestly, we use the technology to create the crop circle by the UFO spaceship of the Holy Spirit, which is already equipped with devices to create all crop circles. How my UFO works and all equipment I shall bring to prove that I am the creator of those crop circles. And I have the explanation for every crop circle that we have made.

 Verily, our equipment is a new technology, which have never existed in human’s world. And actually, the making of each of the prominent design, we translated to the wheat or paddy field through a sort of computerized system.

And in our work, we were facilitated by utilizing some kind of ‘laser-cut’, ‘steamer’, ‘dryer’, and ‘excavator’, so it was easier and safe, since there is no need to dig for gouging out the stones or large chunks, which bother and obstruct the construction of the crop circle design.

Since all equipment are ready to be used for every level of difficulties and to perfectly treat the plants, which are not of the same shape of its direction and curve, I use those equipment to shape its direction and curve to be proportional and well-ordered, whilst arranging the leaves and the grains of the wheat or paddy meticulously.

But it needs to be known that long before we make the crop circle, we have already taken care of the field in order to make us easier to apply our design. For it is impossible for us to make the crop circle without knowing well the character of the land and the plants that we have targeted to be made as crop circle.

As much as possible the identification of the field and the expanse of the wheat or paddy should be suitable with the design concept of crop circle we have prepared. The abstruseness of crop circle construction, which is created only in one night, is truly amazing. And no one can predict the technology and the equipment that are used and perfect to fulfill those requirements.

The technology and equipment owned by human being right now will not be able to shape the same pattern with such obstacles to fulfill the above requirements.

It is impossible for me to influence human beings by mentioning my coming to the earth carelessly. It is proven that the Discourses of Eden, which the truthfulness is accurate and is continually disseminated to the Government of Indonesia, mass media and society, as well as prominent figures and religious institutions in Indonesia, have been unheeded at all. And if I admit crop circles as my work, people may not believe it.

 However, if I am going to force the earth’s inhabitants to recognize them as my works, then all pictures of crop circles around the world, I will gather them to become an explanation and description of the condition, which I will compose in a lengthy paper, whilst showing how my UFO ship and I create crop circle.

And it will be the keyword to explain life mechanism between human and angel directly. And at least I can explain clearer whatever can be done by the UFO ship of the Archangel Jibril.

One day, my spaceship will make performance on how to make crop circles before the world’s society. Therefore, my existence will be approved by the world, for I am the only one who can assure that crop circles are the angel’s work. And each figure of crop circle has its meaning, which is firm, important and deep.

The creation of crop circle by the Archangel Jibril can be proved empirically and can also be disclosed through revealing the mutasyabihat (veiling) verses. To prove this, the Holy Quran Chapter At Thariq verses 1-3 has cited.

The Noble Quran Chapter At-Thariq verses 1-3:

1.” By the sky and the night comer”

2. “And what can make you know what is the night comer?”

3.”It is the piercing star”.

Therefore, we come in the night to make all crop circles in various corners of the world, so they will attract public’s attention and become an unanswered question until we reveal and answer it by ourselves.

By carrying out the study of the presence of the Archangel Jibril in this world and by analyzing the crop circle created by the Archangel Jibril, whom considered cannot be descended down again since revelation has been considered has ended, and for the sake of diminishing the antipathy of Islam adherents upon us that has happened all this times, we are obliged to explain the crop circle through holy verses written in the Holy Quran Chapter At Thariq verses 1-3.

 The Noble Quran Chapter At-Thariq verse 1:

1.” By the sky and the night comer”

By the sky and which come at night. Is the sky related directly to something that comes at night? If it does not mean merely as an expression of the coming of angels in the condition that is being prophesied? And it is affirmed by God through His Vow, “By the Sky”.

Thus we come in the night and create all crop circles on various corners of the world to declare that we have come into human’s world, to convey the coming down of The Kingdom of God and His Heaven. The signs that we make are surely in the main theme of Heaven, which in the future will beautify this world. Heaven is beauty, holiness, orderliness and cleanliness. And that is the role of Heaven in this world.

The existence of crop circles in various countries in this world is prioritized to deliver the very awesome announcement. If it is not for that purpose, then why should we initiate the creation of crop circles in various countries without leaving any identity?

Only angels who are in their initiatives have not any competitor. For if the aliens with their weird and ugly face whom are suspected as the ones that created the crop circles, but what was the reason they did those creations? Good purpose is always done by angels, and not by half-genie creatures.

Sometimes humans who have never found differences between extra-terrestrial creatures, which one is the evil creature or the good creature, in the outer space planet untouchable by human’s technology on this earth, they think crop circles were made by alien that came with their UFO. Even if it is correct, man cannot differentiate that crop circle is the work of which extra-terrestrial creature.

Be known that creating a beauty from the universe needs a cutting-edge technology and a perfect innovation, as well as a good determination. Moreover, the creation of so many crop circles leaves not any trace at all. Thus it is surely the work of angels.

Everything that is made to be a surprise, there must be an important and valuable purpose behind the creation. Now, I say that it is important to make a deep impression about the presence of Heaven on this earth.

Before it is the time Heaven should be existed, just consider it as the preliminary, which intentionally has a mystery. So when I come, I can bring up crop circle as an interesting surprise explanation.

Human beings are always attracted to something that is interesting and mysterious. The appropriateness of Heaven in human’s world is difficult to be explained and believed immediately.

Human in this modern century has been exposed to amazing advance technological inventions, so it is not easy to make modern men feel amaze and surprise, whereas I have to succeed in bringing up the existence of Heaven in this world through an intricate beauty, which is impossible to be created by human being.

The intelligence of angels to create a beauty concretely and the genius of the angels in technology have not yet known by humankind. But in the end times, with all of the angels who work together with me, I will render those matter transparently.

How to change the wheat or paddy field to be a crop circle will be practiced together after there is a commitment with the nations that are interested in creating crop circle. And it is based only on the willingness to make a commitment to me to be holy. Okay!

As for the half genie or half devil alien is not the same as human, but they also have the tendency to be acknowledged of their existence and to be valued of their creation. And they like not to work for free, let alone for a continuous beauty without any reason.

Therefore, they choose to make sinkhole in Guatemala and Tiongkok, and Hell’s Gate in Uzbekistan, and so as many sinkholes found in other places of the world.

The Noble Quran Chapter At-Thariq verse 2:

2.”And what can make you know what is the night comer?”

This Chapter At Thariq verse 2 is asking, “What can make you know what is the night comer?” And we answer, for the sake of divulging the veil of mutasyabihat Chapter At Thariq, we fully endeavor that we create the crop circle only in one night. If not, our work cannot be considered as the disclosure of the secret of mutasyabihat of Chapter At Thariq, which is our mainstay.

Now, we can show ourselves openly through crop circle’s creation, which is esthetic and made only in one night, by using our miracle. It is not important whatever evaluation is given upon our statement, but the creation of so many crop circles have become a certainty and have also been stated that it’s done only in one night. Without a miracle, this is impossible to happen. We have proved this condition based on the Holy Verses.

Who is able to explain the meaning of the Holy Verses of Quran Chapter At Thariq verses 1-3 that is accurate and suitable with the current condition and is related to crop circle?

I ascertain you there is no master of interpreter of Quran who could match the meaning of those verses with our statement. Although the meaning of those verses can be considered as implicit, but the meaning is right on target and is not awkward when we reveal the mystery of crop circle’s creation, so its precision is not detached from situation that we meant.

The angel’s need to fertilize the area, which is going to be used for crop circle’s creation, this is to make easy in applying crop circle’s design on a fertile land and its density corresponds with the needs.

Thus, the fact shows that the plants around the crop circles become more prolific and the harvests become multiplied compared to the harvests before, whereas on the field which crop circle was made, it is found that many changes happened on the character and anatomy of the plants.

Regarding this fact, it can be understood as a further blessing. Only God Who enjoys disseminating His Blessings. We liken crop circle as the blessing from His Heaven.

The creation of the fantastic crop circle is impossible to be done without God’s Miracle, for the fact has been found that to shape such crystallinity, the required heat is as high as 1500-1800 Fahrenheit that normally will ruin the plants in the surrounding area. But in reality, the plants around the crop circle are still growing productively.

There is an unanswered question; what for those raising values are made for the crop circles, if it is not meant to show God’s Blessing? Thus, it is what happened after we have ever raffled their wheat fields to be made crop circle.

God never likes to bring harms to people. Therefore, surely it is the angels who create the crop circles. And surely the angels have the equipment to construct it. That is what applied by the angels’ equipment through their ship. And surely it is the advantage of the light that we have used.

If for example there is a computer inside the UFO ship of the Archangel Jibril, which could design the pattern of each crop circle, and its design is made in line with the plants on the field as well as the accurate location estimation that follows the natural shape of the land’s expanse or slope in the surrounding area, so the created shape looks beautiful when it is seen from the above or distance.

Thus, in the making of crop circles design, there should be a mechanism and technology that intentionally built to create it. It is the sign that the angel’s nature is familiar in using technology.

If the thought has come to this level, thus man can imagine the mystery of angels in building their own technological equipment. And man can imagine not where do angels keep those technological equipment. Thus, I shall answer all these questions when I come.

About the selection of location, it is surely also based on a concept and a complete survey. The description of each design of crop circle is dedicated to the reactionary science and which will raise sharply after I explain the meaning of each crop circle.

The design to construct crop circle is done by utilizing the angel’s computer. And that is easy to imagine if I liken it with the work of a laser cutting operated by computer that its technology is already owned by human being.

The only difference is that the efficiency of our works involving the universe and the way of making which is not visible, soundless and very fast, and it is functioned as the angels’ joke with their light for human beings on this earth. Or it is as a gift before my coming to appear as human. Or it is just a new innovation, which is going to be introduced by the angels unto humankind.

Furthermore, even in the next verse one still can find not the answer or only interpretation or even the analogy. The nature of mutasyabihat (veiling) verse is eternal for the verse is intentionally can be interpreted not until the time of the mentioned condition has come. And the one who is able to reveal is only the Messenger of God.

The Noble Quran Chapter At-Thariq verse 3:

3.”It is the piercing star”.

What did come in the night? And it is said the piercing star. And it is what is interpreted by the translator of the Holy Verse of Quran as ‘the piercing star’. Whereas, when we follow the interpretation of the piercing star on the sky, surely it is something that is normal, without any amazing meaning, thus it needs God’s Guarantee with His Vow in the word “By the sky”.

But what is pierced? It is the real world. The angels come at night and pierce the real world and the life of human beings and work to make crop circle. It is the real meaning of Chapter At Thariq verse 3.

Chapter At Thariq verses 1-3 are mutasyabihat verses related to the phenomenon of crop circles. That is my affirmation! Only a very limited time left to prove it as real.

The character of mutasyabihat verses is that the sentence written implicitly, but if the time comes, then the implicit meaning become explicit. All prophecies are always stated in such a way that is in implicit sentences yet directed.

Therefore, surely prophecy about angel, which will take care of the doomsday, has already been mentioned in many prophecies of all Holy Scriptures. But transparently, the happening is just applied in this current time.

Is man able to digest our explanations? It depends on religious scholars and scientists, if they will humbly give testimony based on their conscience.

We are extra-terrestrial creatures. Angels also have UFO. Genies aliens also possess UFO. But all are the creatures of God The Most Just and Wise. Come to us before the flaring up of doomsday becomes stronger, so you still have time to sanctify yourself. And we have the chance to bring salvation for you.

Heaven and Hell have existed on this earth. It is just a matter of personal choice. You will reach not Heaven if you are not holy. And you will belong to Hell when you are not willing to sanctify yourselves.

I have explained a glimpse of heavenly values, for Heaven has been brought into its existence worldwide through various kinds of crop circle creations. It depends on humankind whether they are happy welcoming the creation of Heaven or they just see it as an ordinary phenomenon. But we, angels, would be happy if our explanation is appreciated.

The benefit of sunlight for the life and the growth of the plants facilitates us to use the light element to create crop circle, thus the uniform bending could be reached through the bending of the angle of plants that have been applied in the evolution of plant growth on that field.

Thus, the adjustment of the habitat of the plant growth, in which its field has been decided to be the place of the crop circle construction, certainly the bending direction has been fixed and with the certainty that the plant will not be broken when adjusted to the formation of plant flexibility, so it will be easy to apply the design concept of the crop circle that has been defined.

With such determination, we begin to seek uniformity of the bending, of which at the time before we work it out to apply the design, the flexibility properties of plant could be bent objectively to a certain angle on a measured provision on a wheat or paddy field. Therefore, the objectivity of the angular flexibility of plant could certainly be processed in accordance with the design concept of the crop circle that has been defined.

For actually the direction of the bending is vary and can be intersecting, thus the bending direction has been calculated meticulously before starting to create the crop circle. Whereas, for the perfection of the angle and the regularity of the lying position of the plants, we use the steamer and dryer.

The deflection is also through concentrating the measured light energy which is suitable for the habitat of the plants as well as for their enrichment. If not, the plant will not thrive and dense, thus the bending on the stalks in terms of the angle of lying position could be arranged well and precisely while the enrichment of the field is carried out meticulously. For we expect that the endurance of the beauty of Our crop circle could be enjoyed for a sufficient amount of time.

Thus, despite the paddy or wheat plants are put in lying position, they still thrive and its growth is undisturbed. Therefore, the farmers who own the field do not experience loss, even the field becomes prolific and it is a blessing for them all. Such is that we also need to think up to the uniformity of the plant stalks and their fertility.

As for the arrangement of the height of the plants that should carefully be made uniform on a land, it is also through the same and even lighting during their growth. Besides, the enrichment level are also held so that the density of the plants on that field is perfect to make a crop circle design that needs the density of the plants with the same structure, thus the deflection that we made on the plants could be uniform.

Thus, the land where we create a crop circle, its design is seen perfect and there are no lines beyond orderly, or things that made the formation that we shape becomes imperfect due to less of precision. The precision of all lines could not happen without taking care of the land and the plants since the beginning.

Thus, the trait and the character of the revelations we make them as crop circles, when the written revelations are unheeded. We have counted this from the beginning that modern man will undoubtedly refuse revelation because they consider it only happened in the ancient time. Especially it is believed by the adherents who are arrogant about their religion.

As for the written revelations and the revelations that are shown in the depiction of crop circles, they should be united, so they become the evidence that God is descending down His Revelation nowadays. Thus, the secret of the crop circle is opened and written by Lia Eden, the Messenger of God.

As for the component of the UFO spaceship technology, it has been shown on some creation of the crop circles. And the technical constructions we have also drawn them on some other crop circles formation. Thus, also the form and the placement of the propeller. The formula that is intended to construct a Theory of Everything could be seen through the technique of creating this crop circle.

Thus actually we are simplifying the application of the formula of the Theory of Everything through the construction of crop circles. For the Theory of Everything could truly be made possible to bring humankind wandering to other planets to look for a new inhabitation that is safer and promising prosperity and peacefulness.

The secret of the creation of crop circle could not be detected by the radar technology and that is the character of God’s Miracle, it cannot be detected. As it is proved by the existence of crop circle on the land that there is also exists an observatory.

Supposedly they are not doing an assignment to carry out a mandate as the application of the secrecy of God’s Revelation, surely the coming of UFO close to the observatory, its signal could be captured by sensitive devices, which actually owned by every observatory. However, the soundproof devices on the angel’s UFO spaceship are very effective in running the duty of the secrecy of God’s Mandate. Even we could avoid the camera of the observer that is intentionally waiting for the process of the construction of crop circle. Whilst they use infrared camera and projector.

As for the whole night they were waiting for us, that whole night we were also working for the crop circle at that place until finished. Ah, that was also as the angel’s joke toward humans whom seriously wished to catch us while we were making the crop circle.

In Eden, I love to make a joke with the Messengers of Eden. My humor is attached to my personality that is known and enjoyed by them. However, that Jibril’s character will also be recognized by the world later.

If there is a party that seriously wishes to know the process of creating the crop circle and we ourselves wish to state our communication with them, that we know they are waiting for us, so we jest by proving that they cannot record the application of God’s Miracle, except if we ourselves who want our existence to be studied by human.